Every Game Launch Announcement Ever

Time flies when you're playing online games and getting paid for it. But don't forget the journey we've been on.

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Every CFC Dev Update Ever

Total transparency has always been the name of the game. Take a look at what's gone on in every CFC dev update ever.

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2nd Generation NFTs Are Coming

Are you ready for Gen 2? Prepare your wallets with $FIGHT and embark on the next phase of CFC this summer.

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Living Legend Season 2: Be an Ambassador

Living Legend is back, and it's mightier than ever. Seek your fortune through giveaways, competitions and exciting events brought to you by our fantastic community managers.

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Top Tag Team Partner: Playdex

Playdex are a force to be reckoned with in harboring and unleashing Web3 gaming.

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Partner Events Recapped

We've seen Web3 visionaries collaborate with CFC countless times, making it possible to hold scores of huge events with special prizes.

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A Look Back at Our Pro FIGHT Ambassadors

These are some of the baddest pro fighters in the world... and CFC has enjoyed the privilege of introducing them to the Web3 sphere.

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CFC in the Real World: Fighting Gym Edition

Two noble fighting gyms doing fantastic work in the scene. They work closely with CFC to deliver to you the best fighting game in Web3.

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Crypto Fight Club Completes Successful Seed Round

A phenomenally successful seed round to the tune of nearly $3 million hit the front pages of NewsBTC amid the start of a long development journey.

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Crypto Fight Club Wins PancakeSwap LP Auction for the 2nd Time

Yahoo Finance picked up the story of Crypto Fight Club winning a Pancakeswap LP Auction and welcoming a wave of new $FIGHT holders.

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As NFT Games Emerge, Meet Crypto Fight Club

Bitcoinist spotlights Crypto Fight Club as an emerging game within a fast-growing sphere of NFT-enhanced media.

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NFT 1.0 and NFT 2.0 Were Novel Creations – NFT 3.0 Combines the Best of Both Worlds

CTO of CFC, Felix Mohr, writes in the The Daily Hodl on the transformative power of NFT 3.0 as compared to previous iterations.

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Royale Rumble: $5k+ $FIGHT Initiate Tournament

This is an absolute belter of a tournament, you don't want to miss out!

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Show no Fear: Fight Royale is Here

Fight Royale is launching for real. Boot up warriors, this is an extremely large one.

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Quest With CARV

Play CFC Warrior and win $$$ in the first ever CFC quest event!

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You Smashed it First Time… Ready for Scavenger Hunt 2?

We've got to admit, you fighters scavenged well first time around. Time to turn things up a notch... with bigger prizes to boot.

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Two Years of Crypto Fight Club! So, What’s Next?

Two years fly by when you're always in the ring. Now listen up: big things coming in 2024...

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A History of CFC Memes and Dreams

Our fantastic community has helped us spread the word of CFC through memes since 2021. Here's a look back.

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Event Recap: Content Comp and Scavenger Hunt

Competitions now closed! Congratulations to all of our winners. You earned those great, great prizes.

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Party in the Discord: Win Hundreds of BUSD

A look inside the busy CFC Discord, where there is no shortage of joy, laughter... and big, big prizes.

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CFC Dev Update #9

Prepare for a mega Roadmap Refresh!

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Next-Gen CFC: NFT Wearables, $JUICE + More

Massive changes coming to CFC. We think you'll like it. A lot. Read this blog right now if you want to find out how to make the most of the new era.

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FIGHT4Change: Win Shirts Signed by Championship Fighters

You can help children in need by entering this raffle! A unique and exciting opportunity to own a piece of ONE Championship history.

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Prepare for the Biggest Ever CFC Tournament

Prepare for the biggest tournament in CFC history. We have never given away this amount of money before in one go. Are you good enough to take home first prize?

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From Web 2 to Web3: 1 Year Anniversary w/ FREE NFTs

More players and better products. The one year mark of CFC forms new opportunities for growth and aims to bring more value to, and with, the community.

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Edition #1: CFC Warrior NFT Comic Book Collection

Get your own NFT comic book and win prizes at the same time! Experience an unrivaled opportunity to own a slice of the CFC story.

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Introducing: CFC Living Legend Rewards Programme

Fighters prepare, for the arrival of a huge rewards programme. Our most loyal champions will see the greatest share of the prizes, so log on to Discord now!

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On-Chain NFT Lending Now Live on CFC

You can now lend and borrow fighters on CFC! Realize the highest gains possible on your NFTs by starting now.

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How do I get LP FIGHT?

Wondering how you can obtain and then stake LP FIGHT? Wonder no more: here's what you need to know.

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CFC's NFTs 2.0 & Staking are LIVE

Crypto Fight Club's staking and NFT 2.0 launch are LIVE.

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How do gaming NFTs gain and hold value?

How exactly do NFTs create value in the world of gaming? It's a big question, with many answers. Read on to find out more.

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Crypto Fight Club Token Details + Listing

Much appreciation for being in our corner of the ring... $FIGHT is NOW LIVE on PancakeSwap!

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