Living Legend Season 2 Starts in July

Living Legend promises to be red hot this summer with brand new offerings, giveaways and competitions for all you dedicated fighters.

Living Legend Season 2 Starts in July

Your favorite events from the last Living Legend community program return with a bang this summer, starting in July.

Plenty of opportunities to rise up the rankings and secure big prizes is coming the direction of those who remain engaged, involved and committed. Some of you made it all the way to Living Legend status last season, but if you didn’t, see if you can improve on your rank this time around!

Here’s the rundown of what to expect from Living Legend this July:

Content Creation Round 2

Make full use of the new CFC wiki content, including all the fun fighter gifs and other fighter-related media items, to create a whimsical, cinematic or positively sick video featuring Gen 2 NFTs.

Scavenger Hunt 2

Search every corner of the CFC website and you may find there are hidden goodies… rumors abound that there is a Cash Living Legend NFT hidden inside graphics, and also a few puzzles within texts and writing on the website.

Discord Invite Contest 2

Invite your friends to the party. Get rewarded for bringing people into the CFC Discord. It’s that simple.

Content Creation Round 3

Once you’ve got the thirst for harnessing your creative abilities to create banging CFC fighter content… we’ll definitely move it up a gear. Details coming at a later date.