Carve out Gen 2 Video Magic With CARV x CFC Contest Worth $500!

A whopping $500 is up for grabs for our most imaginative video creators. Use CFC Gen 2 fighters to make the scene you want to see!

Carve out Gen 2 Video Magic With CARV x CFC Contest Worth $500!

Got an appetite for animation? Content Creation 2 is rolling out the red carpet for creative minds. This time, we want you to make awesome promo videos for our Gen 2 mint. Yes, you read correctly: it’s a #creative-comp!

This is still part of Living Legend, except we are partnering once again with CARV. All participants will therefore receive a badge NFT from these fine folks. They’re fantastic to work with, so please do check out their website.

Entry into the competition through CARV will earn you this epic badge!

Fighters get ready for an electrifying contest. The contest opened on 6th July, 12pm UTC and will run until 26th July, closing at 12pm UTC.

All assets can be found at the following link: www.cryptofightclub.io/data

So without further delay, here's your mission:

Claim your CARV badge HERE!

Actions To Enter

1. Create a captivating, 1-minute long video showcasing the fantastic Gen 2 art assets. (Assets can be found at the above link)

2. Tweet at us with your compelling creation, tagging both @CFCFighting & @Carv_official and three of your friends who would love to join the Gen 2 party!

3. Use the hashtag #PlayCFC to boost the visibility of your masterpiece.

4. Post the tweet link of your promo video in the #promovidcomp channel within CFC Discord so we can track each entry.

Concerned you don’t know what to make your video on? Check out our recent blogs for inspiration! Anything Gen 2 related, such as $GEAR, $FIGHTERS and the upcoming $FIGHT Royale release would be tremendous. But we don’t want to restrain your inventions too much.

Community rules apply, and remember - we’re all here to have fun. In a way, the journey and thrill of participation is the real prize.

The Real Cash Prizes

OK, joking. Mostly. Here are the actual cash prizes and Living Legend points you can grab:

This is actually kind of huge. Gargantuan in fact. We are giving away $500 USDT total across two distinct prize pools. The breakdown is:

Prize Pool 1 - Team Voting

1st - $125 + 40 Living Legend Points

2nd - $100 + 30 Living Legend Points

3rd - $75 + 20 Living Legend Points

4th - $50 + 10 Living Legend Points

Prize Pool 2 - Community Voting

1st - $70 + 25 Living Legend Points

2nd - $50 + 15 Living Legend Points

3rd - $30 + 10 Living Legend Points

Choosing The Winners

Prize pool #1 will be determined by the powerbrokers and leaders of CFC. Do not fear: they are a fair and diligent group of judges and shall leave no stone unturned. And more to the point, they are chomping at the bit to see your terrific work.

Prize pool #2 will see each entry judged by you guys! You can officially vote through a poll, which we will post inside of our discord. Stay on the lookout for more information on this as we get closer to the end date.

Think outside of the box with your creations! Some of our Content Creation 1 winners excelled in surprising us. We want to see innovative ideas and editing excellence from our creative community members.

Whether it’s Scorsese arthouse or your CFC take on the Spielberg blockbuster, put those Gen 2 NFTs in the limelight like they deserve!