Royale Rumble: $5k+ $FIGHT Initiate Tournament

This is an absolute belter of a tournament, you don't want to miss out!

Royale Rumble: $5k+ $FIGHT Initiate Tournament

Gen 2 Required! Click HERE to Mint

First 5 Games Daily Scored Per NFT ID

(You can play with multiple Gen 2 NFTs to boost your chances of winning!)

Play Fight Royale by Clicking This Link

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Ultimate Showdown.

The long anticipated $FIGHT Initiate Tournament is here, starting on January 26th at 12 PM UTC with $5,000 available to win for 20 fighters! The tournament will end on January 29th at 12pm UTC — you have 72 hours to rack up the points.

This ain’t no normal event: it's a testament to the spirit and dedication of our incredible community who deserve a thrilling competition with serious cash on the other side. 

Launch your fighter into Fight Royale, our most exciting game mode yet, and prove yourself as a PvP maestro to take home the spoils of war.

You can play in this tournament whenever you like, but keep an eye on our Discord as we’ll be arranging event times so you can more easily find a lobby.

Any questions? Head over to our Discord and ask us!

The Prize: A Challenge with Rewards

While we may have fallen short of our ambitious $10k target, there's still a hefty prize of around $5,000 up for grabs! Any late mints could yet drive this higher, however. As it stands the numero uno, aka. big dog #1, will win $850! Here's the breakdown in full:

Introducing Our Unified App

We've unified all our game modes and features on one hub! Create game lobbies with friends, get into your favorite games quicker, access chat mode and flex your skins and emotes here!

The Tournament: A Test of Skill and Strategy

Prepare for a three-day gaming marathon starting the 19th at 12 PM UTC. Your mission? Complete 5 games each day, with the first 5 games daily counting towards your score. At 12 PM UTC each day, the daily score resets - so no lead is ever unassailable. Please note: we will be continuously monitoring and checking recorded scores to analyze after the event whether any user has been using multiple accounts, which will see them banned from tournament prizes (multiple NFTs on the same account is fine).

Remember, it's not just about stacking KOs: outsmart and outlast your opponents for additional points.

The Rules of Engagement

Scoring is simple yet challenging. Each game is an opportunity to climb higher on the leaderboard. 

Your motive? Kills and damage done. Your strategy? A calculated blend of aggression and precision.

Event times will be scheduled so users can more easily find games. This is for the gamers on remote Pacific islands trying to get a fix while the rest of the world is sleeping (no but seriously, we're optimizing the heck out of this for a smoother and more enjoyable experience).

For the Glory Seekers

The top 20 NFT IDs after the tournament closes will each gain a slice of the delicious cash pie. Your skills can earn you more than just bragging rights! We’ll be posting leaderboard updates following the close of each day.

Join the Fray

Ready to jump into the arena? Arm yourself with a Gen 2 NFT and get your CARV badge now! 

Remember, multiple entries with different NFTs are not just allowed, they're encouraged.

The Countdown is On!

As we gear up for this monumental clash, stay tuned for more updates. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit this tournament is your chance to etch your name in the annals of CFC history. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?