February 2, 2022

Chicken Run Release is Imminent! Learn What You Can Earn

Roll up fighters! On Monday, January 17 we will officially launch Chicken Run on the Crypto Fight Club platform and make it open to any player who owns an NFT Fighter Avatar, which will be the character used inside the mini-game.

Based on the real-life training exercise for rural Muay Thai fighters in Thailand, your objective is to catch as many chickens as possible within 120 seconds.

We've got rewards of $FIGHT tokens for those who conquer the chicken chasing and make their way to the top of the daily leaderboard. See below for a breakdown of how tokens are distributed to our winners.

Token Distribution

It's not just $FIGHT tokens up for grabs: those who rank in the top 10 all time leaderboard receive a unique NFT chicken directly to their wallet.

This aside, here is exactly how many tokens you can expect to earn upon finding success in Chicken Run:

Leaderboard Payout & Rewards

For More Information...

Be sure to check out our recent blog post for a comprehensive overview of the game. We look forward to seeing you (and your Fighter Avatar) in the field soon!

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