February 4, 2022

Chicken Run Level #2: Journey to Japan

It’s a wintry day in a sleepy, traditional Japanese village. Your fighter is here to train, more specifically to chase down chickens across the built-up landscape. Step out of the Thai jungle: prepare to take on a new environment in Chicken Run.

Chcken Run in Japan

This alluring scene marks a new era of the all-time leaderboard. Live from Saturday 12pm UTC, all scores will be reset and the top 10 players at close receive a plain chicken trophy NFT directly into their wallet!

New levels means new prizes, so our top 10 players can expect to see different, unique chicken NFT in a few weeks' time when we prepare to launch the next level and reset the leaderboard once again.

We will continue to expand training grounds and trials to take your fighters global, as any great prizefighter should be. First it was the rural Thai jungle, then a charming Japanese village. These levels will alternate for each play and there will be one combined leaderboard.

Where will your $FIGHT Avatar train next? Let us know on our socials where you’d like to see us release chickens next. Keep training, keep staking, and rule 1…

Look out for announcements on our next mini-game mode over the next couple months as we aim to bring to you an even more dynamic gaming experience. Hint: it involves a substantially more fearsome and vicious animal than the chicken. 

It’s time to test your fighter’s mettle. Our developers are working flat-out to deliver a fully-fledged and engaging gaming experience.

Stay with us to find out how far your fighter can go!

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