June 6, 2022

Chicken Run May/June Updates And Stats

Being flexible and taking in feedback can be a great thing for development and this is what we hope to achieve with Chicken Run, as well as all of our following game modes.

There are a few recently additions to Chicken Run, so read on to find out what they are.

NFT Trophies

Queries from the community have shone a light on the need for us to come out and say: people will still get their NFT chicken trophies! 

The team can only apologize for the delay and rest assured, they will be coming. Stay tuned for more updates through our social channels on Discord and Telegram.


We’ve added an Asia server to combat latency issues for those logging in from the far-east which can be accessed through https://play.asia.cryptofightclub.io/.

The UI has seen significant improvement and there is now a new loading screen, too.

User experience begins with the layout, ease of use and aesthetic appeal which is recognized by our team. You may have noticed loading times are about x2 times faster.

A new rule has also been implemented to improve our bookkeeping. You can only start a new run after we receive your score: this solves user connectivity issues and means players will not lose a run arbitrarily. 

The Statistics

We are seeing one million plus chickens caught weekly in 20,000 sessions on average. Our 800 daily active users are earning between them 100,000 $FIGHT each week.

Assuming a high average of 30 chickens per session, there have been a whopping 500,000 runs in total since we launched Chicken Run.

The team at Crypto Fight Club would like to thank the community for their continued support and the role played in providing feedback to help us create the best play and earn experience possible.

Prepare for Fight the Bear, coming imminently. In the meantime, keep catching those chickens!

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