April 6, 2022


Welcome fighters to the first company update in a new series where we deliver the latest news straight to your screens. This space is where all recent developments are explained, so make sure to check in bi-weekly to stay up-to-date on what exactly is being built by our tireless team.

Massive Whitepaper Update

Revised & Revamped

To combat confusion and reflect what exactly Crypto Fight Club is going to be once it is fully built out and delivered to our loyal fighters, we’ve updated our whitepaper in a big way.

You can find the latest whitepaper under Docs on our website or by following this link.

Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to see what all the fuss is about or a crypto veteran interested in where we’re going, what the tokenomics are and how Crypto Fight Club fits into the wider Metaverse envisioned and elucidated in this paper, you can find the answers here.

Game Development

The Crypto Fight Club game devs have earned their reputation for building quickly as proven by the shipping on our inaugural mini-game Chicken Run at a rapid pace, perhaps not appreciated by all outside observers. 

In terms of recent developments, the metaverse multiplayer integrations are being deployed and tested, almost ready to be implemented and we are excited to add another dimension to gameplay on the platform.

Chicken Run sees its new Egypt level finalized for launch and our team is getting ready to release a new level in a few weeks time. We are adding power-ups for the Egypt level and looking for ways to improve performance in the City levels.

This may lead our readers to wonder about the next mini-game: the team is working on finishing up development of Fight the Bear and combat animations have too been integrated taking us one step closer, and indeed very close, to the full launch of the second mini-game.

Fight the Bear will be a different type of game to Chicken Run. Here’s a rundown on aspects we are building out right now:

  • Adding new, real-time fighting mechanics to the game
  • Adding ‘collider-based’ hit detection
  • Improving the opponent’s (bear) hitbox
  • Implementing a feature where successful blocks stun the bear
  • The randomized possibility to do a ‘special attack’ on a stunned bear
  • Creating new attack animations for special attacks
  • Particle systems for hits on the bear, making complex animations look seamless
  • Adjusting and enhancing arena levels
  • Adding colliders to stop the player from going through the bear

Crypto Development

And that’s not all.

We’ve started building smart contracts for our Club Lending platform which will allow $FIGHT holders to generate passive income by doing nothing more than allowing another user to take control of the allocated crypto.

For those looking to spread their investment in the Crypto Fight Club metaverse across multiple income streams, with yet more options to come in the future, this is the perfect low-risk way to employ your tokens and earn consistent returns.

To learn more about Club Lending, follow this link to our Docs containing the vision and possibilities for the upcoming platform.

Metaverse Development

Your NFT avatar fighters are designed to be metaverse-ready and there is an ongoing process to make the eventual crossover events as seamless as possible.

To this end, running animations have been fixed for each fighter and the sprites and graphics are now compressed to reduce pressures on world file size when Crypto Fight Club makes the move to cross-platform play.

The team will continue to tackle the task of building out a game which rewards, entertains and ultimately allows greater flexibility for players to play how they want with significant play-to-earn features. 

Here’s what else we’ve built already:

  • The metaverse environment has been created so players can walk, run and explore the world created for them
  • On the same grid, it is possible to add more than one player and we are working to implement all the CFC NFT avatars available
  • If one player touches another, they can start an interaction by voice, chat or even video
  • A player’s Metamask login is the single touchpoint for all NFT-driven metaverse experiences. Customizing DApp access to the metaverse
  • Players can sprint, jump, punch, kick and push without any restrictions
  • Mini-game integrations available in select the metaverse environment
  • Background music will travel with a player as they walk around in the metaverse

Be sure to stay tuned to our socials and join our Discord & Telegram groups to discuss with other fighters. Every Thursday, catch an internal AMA to learn more about these updates straight from the sources.

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