April 6, 2022


This is Crypto Fight Club’s second official company update! We’re sure you are all keen to hear whether we’re any closer to releasing our second mini-game and we have a host of other news to share with you. 

Milestones Hit

  • 3,329 NFT fighters have been minted
  • 6,658,000 $FIGHT tokens burned
  • Total $FIGHT Staked: 5,052,842
  • Total LP $FIGHT Staked: 344,612
  • FIGHT Pool Avg. APY: 39.58%
  • LP Pool Avg. APY: 131.34%
  • TVL FIGHT Pool: $75,685
  • TVL LP Pool: $92,774
  • TVL Total: $168,459

Game Development

We are updating the "Choose your Character" user interface for a cleaner look and feel.

Chicken Run Update

The first iteration of a mini-metaverse edges ever closer and will be coming soon. We're going to the dark side...

City trophies (chickens wearing face masks) have been distributed to the top 10 chicken chasers from the time-lapse between the release of the City to Egypt maps.

Meanwhile, all players should keep their eyes peeled for extraterrestrials on Egypt. Have there been confirmed alien sightings in this map?

Mini-Game #2: Fight The Bear

Development is storming ahead in anticipation of the release of Fight The Bear.

Which bear will get you rekt?

In the last two weeks, the development team has been working on the following:

  • Added different, randomized power-ups throughout the combat experiences such as attack buffs, time extenders and speed enhancements
  • Improved different cave environments (worked on staging, lighting, shadows, environmental objects and more)
  • Embedded NFT attribute metadata (attack, defense and technique) for each NFT fighter
  • Added cutscenes in before/after scenes in the approach to the cave and bear
  • Finalizing the game trailer

Be prepared to unleash the true potential of your fighter as you seek to defeat the bear in hand-to-hand combat.

Crypto Development

The smart contract for our new Club Lending platform has just been finalized to top off the user interface which we completed at the end of last week. Pushing the two developments together and testing is the current phase and brings us closer to shipping the finished product which most guilds and fight managers are excited for.

Aside from this, the expected script structure outlining customization of the rental process is as follows (note, lendReceipt = NFT rented/borrowed):

struct lendReceipt {
        address lender;
        address borrower;
        uint tokenId;
        uint duration;
        uint startTime;
        uint endTime;
        uint rate; // borrow side, division in 10000
        bool hasClaimed;

Metaverse Development

An immersive experience is key to the building of a metaverse: in the Crypto Fight Club version, there will be secondary locations for each mini-game to provide a real time and space for players to interact with. These are considered the "mini-metaverses" we've been talking about.

Otherwise, we have developed:

  • PvP functionalities including blocks, punch and kick attacks with reactive animations
  • General PvP calculations developed by integrating the metadata of each fighter (ATK, DEF, TEK) to calculate DPS and critical hit ratios against opposing characters
  • Built hit-point bars for the NFT fighters to test DPS and critical hits
  • Implementing a K.O option with custom animations after finishing off the opponent with a special move
  • Made it possible to change the background music with four separate options
  • Carried out tests for server and connections by voice and video

Marketing and Business Development

We have continued to forge partnerships with fighters and gyms: expect a big UFC fighter announcement soon as we add to our ranks THIS WEEK.

Interoperating our NFTs into different metaverse is another up-and-coming update and announcements will be forthcoming.

Be sure to stay tuned to our socials and join our Discord & Telegram groups to discuss with other fighters. Every Thursday, catch an internal AMA to learn more about these updates straight from the source.

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Our Smart Contracts:
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