November 10, 2022

Crypto Fight Club Update #8

Welcome fighters to the latest company update!

A while has passed since we last told you what was going on behind the scenes, so as you may imagine, much has changed. 

Thanks for being along for the journey so far, we’ve got an exciting announcement coming so keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned.

Read on to find out what else is new in the world of Crypto Fight Club.

Broad Updates

We’ve bolstered our ranks with two new staff members.

A new business development member of the CFC team will help supply awesome partnerships going forward, in order to continue to bring value and interoperability to the platform, all for our wonderful community.

On the social media side, we’ve recruited a savvy social media operator with a view to launch exciting new campaigns in the near future.

And finally, our roadmap has been updated to reflect new timelines. We continue to build tirelessly in the background and we hope this delivers clarity on our current goals.

Technical Updates

Across all games: we have improved in-game character rendering, optimized all Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters as well as implemented additional characters.

Development of the much anticipated game mode, FIGHT Royale, is making good progress. Here’s what we’ve achieved in recent weeks:

  • Finalized matchmaking, game logic, scoring and fight mechanics
  • Implemented security measures
  • Implemented UI
  • Merged and migrated codebase
  • Currently working on additional level designs
CFC Warrior, coming to a screen near you.

As for CFC Warrior, substantial moves forward have also been made:

  • Finalized game logic and scoring
  • Implemented security measures
  • Implemented UI 
  • Currently working on additional running segments

Gen 2 fighters, you’ll be pleased to hear, are in the final stage of development. As are the dynamic $ASSETS you can enjoy within the game.

Mobile games and the marketplace are under development. For the website and dApp functionality, these are being expanded with improvements underway.

We are also looking at on-chain achievement token (OAT) compatibility for upcoming campaigns to build a system capable of delivering huge rewards to our community for their actions in-game.

Marketing Initiatives

The KMC x CFC cross-chain poker tournament was a resounding success! 17 projects combined to give $3k plus prizes with a turnout of nearly 400 players.

We participated in a large rumble event hosted by Sons of Mars, consisting of servers of 8 different projects in an effort to increase exposure.

Another huge event occurred with the Web3 Gamefiganza: 13 projects offered $4k plus prizes and we saw a turnout of around 300 people during the AMA.

A games partnership with both PlayDex and Rainmaker was finalized and announced, allowing us to put Crypto Fight Club in front of new communities.

Many of you joined in the fun during our Halloween meme competition. We’re delighted at the turnout and the elite tier memes shown by our community. 

Community Updates

All good things must come to an end. The first season of Living Legend has concluded and we saw Premier M, a CFC OG, take away the grand prize of a trip to Thailand.

Thanks everyone for participating and we look eagerly towards the next season with the fantastic community created around the platform.

In other news, our ambassador Anissa Meksen took out Dangkongfah Banchamek and set her sights on the match for the title, against Muay Thai Atomweight champion Stamp Fairtex. Good luck Anissa, we’ll be tuning in!

She’s not the only CFC ambassador in action: Rodtang will defend his Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion title against Joseph Lasiri on November 18th, while Superbon will be fighting to keep his Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion title against Chingiz Allazov on December 2nd.

The Next Step: Happy 1 Year CFC!

There are some real exciting developments in the works by our marketing team. You will not want to miss out on these. For now, our lips are sealed. When the time is right we will deliver the news in the only way we know how: loudly with great bombast and screamed from the rooftops.

“With CFC reaching its 1 year anniversary, the team is working hard towards one of the most requested features by the community. Stay tuned, the 17th of Dec will be big. - Felix Mohr CFO/CTO
“As fight night in Dubai is approaching, Crypto Fight Club will be taking over Singapore around the same time. With what’s remaining of 2022, we’re ending the year with a bang and following up with a boom.” - Ashton Wolfe Project Lead

That’s all for now, but any questions can be directed towards our glorious community managers in Discord or Telegram.

Thank you for your ongoing support; we are here to deliver.

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