Edition #1: CFC Warrior NFT Comic Book Collection

Get your own NFT comic book and win prizes at the same time! Experience an unrivaled opportunity to own a slice of the CFC story.

Edition #1: CFC Warrior NFT Comic Book Collection

Now for something a little different.

Our in-house art team has drawn up an original Crypto Fight Club comic series, which you can collect!

We are also giving three lucky players the chance to win 100 BUSD in a raffle as long as they complete the comic book with all three pages.

Follow hand-selected CFC fighters in their divine journey to become world champions. Each comic represents a fighter’s trials, tribulations and greatest victories.

You will see them chase chickens around the world, venture into the darkest caves to fight big bad bears, escape the trenches through a series of obstacles and even tackle daily challenges in their normal environments.

These comics are designed with a purpose: real-life fighters go through such things on their path to greatness (though perhaps less of the battling bears).

The very first comic book is up for grabs in the leadup to CFC warrior, and this first NFT comic book represents one piece of the ultimate book collection coming to your screens in the future.

Great, How do I Get 'em All?

The initial comic book pages are earned through a series of actions on the Galxe dashboard and will span over four weeks, where you collect the three pages and claim your final NFT. Read on to find out how to get involved!

So for example (for future giveaways and this one), you might have anywhere between three days and one week in separate periods over a predefined timespan, in any given campaign, to obtain one of, say, 1,500 NFTs. 

This is also our first use of the Galxe dashboard; NFTs claimed here can be converted to a full NFT comic book if the holder possesses all required pages. Holding the completed comic book will give you a Discord role which authenticates you as one of the select few!

There will be various opportunities to fill your comic book up so stay engaged on Twitter and Discord to see what happens!

The Details: Enter Our Raffle 

Those that hold the comic book NFT can claim a Discord role and from this pool of players we will select the three winners of the raffle. The final NFT comic book will contain three pages, so there will be three winners each with the opportunity to win 100 BUSD!

  • Week 1: Page One posted on November 25
  • Week 2: Page Two posted on December 1 
  • Week 3: Page Three posted on December 8 
  • Week 4: Final NFT can be claimed on December 15

Once a lucky user claims all three pages of the comic book through Galxe, they can head over to the Crypto Fight Club website and mint a limited edition CFC comic book. Once the pages are redeemed for a book, the NFTs from Galxe are burned and can no longer be transferred or redeemed.

We have more planned so start your comic collection today and see what’s in store!