September 5, 2022

Go All-in With the Official CFC Poker Tournament 

When the chips are down, do you step into the ring?

Today we are delighted to announce we will be co hosting a cross-chain poker tournament with Kadena Mining Club (KMC) and Alpha Traders Country Club (ATCC)!

Get online on September 9th at 5pm ET and prove you can bluff and play strong hands better than the rest. Side note: we will be using PokerNow for the tournament.

Big Cash Prizes

Hundreds of dollars are up for grabs in this battle of wits as well as whitelist spots for our upcoming second generation fighter NFT mints.

The prize structure is as follows (subject to increase):

  • 1st - $200
  • 2nd - $150
  • 3rd - $ 100
  • 4th - $50 
  • 5th-20th - WL to 2nd Gen Fighter

The full prize pool and rewards breakdown will be posted in short order once it’s finalized as other communities are primed to put in their own whitelist spots as well as stable coins, NFTs, etc.

We will update this post once the community entry closes.

How to Play

Just follow these steps to get involved. Remember, you must be part of a community that is sponsoring the event in order to participate. 

If you want to get your community involved, you must donate a prize and fill out this form. There is no minimum prize required: bring the benefits of cross-promotion from the event and deliver fun and utility to your members. Participating communities will be able to invite all of their members to join in the tournament.

For already qualifying individuals, you can enter the tournament by filling out the application form linked here.

You must follow or be a part of the Discord for any of the co-hosting projects which are currently CFC, KMC and ATCC. Participants are encouraged to follow each respective Twitter account!

Upon successful registration to enter as an individual, you will be emailed instructions of how to play in the poker tournament. 

Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements on how to play on the CFC Discord.

Relevant socials can be found here:

Bring your best strategy mind and remember to have fun! Good luck, and thank you to KMC and ATCC for helping to make this happen.

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