From Web 2 to Web3: 1 Year Anniversary w/ FREE NFTs

More players and better products. The one year mark of CFC forms new opportunities for growth and aims to bring more value to, and with, the community.

From Web 2 to Web3: 1 Year Anniversary w/ FREE NFTs

FREE NFT Fighters dropping December 17th

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, esteemed bear fighting champions, and veteran chicken chasers. Crypto Fight Club is holding a free mint available to all to celebrate its 1 year anniversary.

The free mint and CFC Warrior will take place on December 17th, marking the next phase of CFC: we are evolving, so why not evolve our offering?

It will run in concordance with the latest release: CFC Warrior.

What Does This Mean For You?

Free mint NFT fighters are entitled to more exclusive benefits driven by CFC and the community. Rather than playing the free trial with no rewards or having to fork over some crypto for an even better NFT; these free NFTs gives you a taste of where the good fighters are training.

Free mint fighters can participate in CFC-hosted tournaments, and a new year brings many new possibilities… that’s all we’ll say.

These NFTs are also your gateway to earn $JUICE! Details will come in the near future on this secondary token and what it can do to make your Crypto Fight Club experience even better. Time to level up.

NFT wearables and other in-game items are on track to be released for everyone, and free mint NFTs can spend $JUICE earned on them. You can even list (and later auction) the wearables on secondary marketplaces. There's a small caveat...

... Free mint NFTs are not transferable and cannot earn the native token, $FIGHT. They also are unable to stake $FIGHT nor be lent out for passive earnings.

Furthermore, free mint NFTs will not have access to all of the same events as primary alpha NFTs. Stay tuned for the sweaty information when we will drop Gen 2.

How to Claim Your Free Mint NFT

With a fresh new CFC sign up system, users can be onboarded with ease. 

This will involve signing up with email and Metamask/wallet details (optional), with social linking to come later. Registered accounts will receive exclusive Discord roles, entry to raffles, and more.

- To begin the journey on the way to your free mint, go to app.cryptofightclub.io and sign up or login to your account. 

- Next, navigate to the minting app.cryptofightclub.io/mint and connect Metamask, making sure your wallet holds enough BNB for gas. 

- Click to mint your free NFT and wait for the transaction to finalize and there you have it! You will be the proud owner of a CFC NFT and all it cost you was gas.

Users will be capped to one free mint NFT per account created. You can purchase extra free mint NFTs by burning $FIGHT.

What is Next For CFC?

December 17th is the day much changes for Crypto Fight Club. We are evolving, building out the vision we set out from day one. After CFC Warrior and the free mint, what’s next? More information can be found on our roadmap here.

You might see FIGHT Royale as early as Q1 2023 and gain the chance to fight your friends (and foes).

Mobile compatibility is in the works. In fact, the games on mobile are being tested right now; we’re just going through the approval process. Expect fun features when this is released.

You may have seen generation two alpha NFTs teased on our Twitter. Release date is going to be during Q1 2023.

And much, much more. The team is building tirelessly for our terrific community who keep telling us what they want to see. We listen, and continue building with them. Market conditions may be tough but we come out fighting every time.