February 2, 2022

How crypto can keep gamers in the game

Games are so often designed these days to provide instant gratification through a hit of dopamine, to encourage the gamer to play on in perpetuity.

But what if a game could be made that rewarded users organically through gameplay, rather than with loot boxes and crates which have to be purchased? Imagine gaining a return on the many hours spent on a game in a much more tangible sense than enjoyment. 

This is the reality of crypto in gaming. It’s a world where you earn additional tokens according to how you play the game, instead of being expected to shell out real money for advancement. You decide how you play, you control your own destiny. 

The rise of NFTs

A real incentive for gamers in the crypto sphere is the ability to obtain scarce or even unique NFTs. In practice, as the game grows, the value of an NFT is liable to increase and means a player can flip it for a quick profit. Or, they can bank on it continuing to rise in value. Alternatively in some games, players can upgrade their NFT.

At the crux of crypto game mechanics is the possibility of a return on the tokens invested. Users become more than just gamers, they turn into asset holders who are faced with a wide range of opportunities to maximize the value of their NFTs and yield returns.

Abolishing pay to win

While it may be less profitable for developers to allow a game’s economy to become completely self-sustaining, they could be powerless to stop the proliferation of crypto in the space. As games under this model creep into the mainstream, there will be pressure to adopt what is better for the masses.

Currently many games are built upon an initial free-to-play model with optional paid extras, whether this be skins, in-game items or DLC. What threatens to disrupt the gaming industry most is the transfer of this system to one where players can attain all of these extras by simply playing the game and making good decisions with the tokens they already hold.

There will be a buy-in to participate in the game economy. But rather than being required to pay developers for additional features, they can play the game and find success without ever investing more than what they needed to get started.

Free market gaming

A unique opportunity arises in crypto games to engage a player base like never before. Beyond empowering them to gain more tokens through a range of in-game mechanisms and features, there is potential for gamers to leverage their assets in a marketplace.

Purely player-driven and entirely dependent on market forces, this rewards early adopters without punishing those who arrive late: everyone has a chance to obtain desirable NFTs. The market is a cornerstone of any economy and this is especially true in crypto gaming.

Crucial to any successful game economy is keeping players engaged with clear objectives to aim for. One of the best ways to achieve this is through a free-flowing market with a steady exchange of NFTs. Here gamers can improve on what they already have, or sell up for more tokens to invest in other aspects of the game. 

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