October 13, 2022

Into the Ring With Koakuma Games: Unlock Web3 Gaming 

Hello fighters! We have five events coming your way with a chance to win whitelist spots and NFTs over seven days packed full of awesome events.

We’re delighted to partner with Koakuma Games on this one. They’re currently in beta testing mode, but are very soon opening up a PUBLIC beta for what is an immersive MMO action role playing game loaded with token rewards and utility NFTs. 

We are also giving players the chance to use the Koakuma character Grane inside of Chicken Run! Those with a Koakuma NFT or tokens will be able to access this unique and exclusive feature. Just log in and play, our smart contract does all the work for you.

Gen 1 CFC NFTs have been sold out for a while. This doesn’t mean you can’t join the fight: this is a giveaway designed to open up access to our exclusive club for the most active and loyal participants.

What’s on Offer

Before we tell you how to join the giveaway, it’s important to know what you’re fighting for.

Our giveaway includes a stunning 10 CFC fighters distributed amongst the lucky winners.

It doesn’t stop there. We are giving away 10 whitelist spots for Gen 2 fighter NFTs! Secure the bag by joining in the events we have planned in partnership with Koakuma and establish a place in the next phase of Crypto Fight Club. 

Our design and creative team has done a fantastic job: the new fighters look great and certainly pack a punch. We’re excited to share them with our amazing community.

But wait there’s more.

The generous folks over at Koakuma have stepped in and decided to put up 12 beta passes and four rare Koakuma NFTs to anyone who thinks a graphics-intensive and action-packed metaverse MMO sounds like something they would enjoy. What gamer wouldn’t?

How to Get Involved

There are seven chances to win big, so we’ll break down exactly what you need to do.

First Event

All you need to do is engage with the official Koakuma tweet containing their announcement Medium post. Follow both of us on Twitter then reply to the tweet and tag three friends using the hashtag #StepIntoTheRing, like and retweet.

This will be the largest giveaway of the entire series: two CFC NFTs and two whitelist spots for gen 2 fighters, along with two rare Koakuma NFTs and two beta passes for their game. You don’t want to miss the beginning, that's for sure.

Second Event

After this, on October 12th, Koakuma will host an AMA wherein participants are picked as winners during the event. The second chance to win here is by Interacting with the Koakuma AMA Twitter post, again tagging three friends using #StepIntoTheRing, liking and retweeting then make sure you’re following both of us! 

Third Event

Join us in The Exhibit on Friday October 14th where both CFC and Koakuma live stream the playing of each other’s game!

Engage with both the CFC and Koakuma tweets about The Exhibit: reply and tag three friends using the hashtag #StepIntoTheRing, like and retweet. 

Tag along to The Exhibit and be active in chat and tweet about it to maximize your chance of winning!

Fourth Event

We’ll be giving the Koakuma community a chance to test play CFC and win NFTs as well as whitelist spots. Those with a Koakuma with NFT or tokens will also be able to use the character Grane inside of Chicken Run. The Koakuma community will be able to play on CFC between October 17th and October 19th.

All you have to do is test play CFC with Koakuma Games, tweet at us about your experience using the hashtag #StepIntoTheRing, then like and retweet the official announcements. Then just post a picture of you undertaking your test play and send it to us!

CFC fans will get the chance to play on Koakuma on Thursday October 20th.

Fifth Event

The finale of this giveaway will be celebrated with an extensive Crypto Fight Club AMA on Friday October 21st.

Interact with the CFC AMA Twitter post, reply using the hashtag #StepIntoTheRing and tag three friends, like and retweet. Of course follow both CFC and Koakuma on Twitter.

Participants in the AMA also gain the chance to win prizes and will be picked during the event.

We’ll See You There

The warmest of welcomes to Koakuma’s burgeoning community and also the veterans of Crypto Fight Club. Stay tuned to both our socials for updates and don’t miss out! 

A new era of CFC is almost upon us with another wave of great fighters across a range of disciplines. We hope you enjoy playing with them as much as we did making them.

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