February 21, 2022

Make Huge Gains, Take Names: Why You Should Bring Your LP to Crypto Fight Club

We’re delighted so many of our community members have been enjoying LP farming on PancakeSwap.

This is a limited time only deal but sustainable 400% APYs are hard to come by and there has been a great reaction from the public as proven by the price boom for FIGHT.

But if you didn’t know, you can bring your LP to Crypto Fight Club for even higher returns.

Average APYs for stakers on Crypto Fight Club are currently 600%+ (and for some, significantly higher) when you stake with LP and actually rises as more people participate in staking. 

A snapshot of the staking dashboard on 22/02/22

This is a staking mechanism built to reward those who get in early and lock tokens for a lengthier time, with the maximum staking period being five years. By staking, a user is taking tokens out of the ecosystem and ensuring scarcity so the very core of its design is geared towards applying upward pressure on the price of FIGHT.

How to Get Involved

First you need to Mint Your NFT and add BUSD-FIGHT liquidity (in equal amounts of both) on the Liquidity tab under Trade on PancakeSwap. This will net you your LP tokens which can be automatically used on the Crypto Fight Club platform assuming you connected the same wallet.

Staking is as easy as navigating to the Staking Interface, choosing on a sliding scale how much LP you would like to stake and for how long and then you are the proud owner of a stake inside an exclusive Crypto Fight Club NFT.

Remember, you could be seeing 600%+ returns and if you stake 800 LP or more for a minimum of one year a 20% stat bonus will be permanently added to your NFT fighter. 

Crypto Fight Club ultimately rewards those who are patient enough to game with delayed gratification. You may cancel your stake at any time and incur a 50% penalty of the interest accrued in the process, but you will never lose control of the tokens originally staked.

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Our Smart Contracts:
The platform's economy is based on an internal $FIGHT TOKEN which has no other monetary value outside the platform. No taxes are applicable to holders of $FIGHT TOKEN. However, if a holder of a $FIGHT TOKEN chooses to sell his or her ASSETS for fiat or digital currency, they may be subjected to taxation, depending on jurisdiction of residence. CRYPTO FIGHT CLUB bears no responsibility for any taxation issues arising from surrendering of FIGHT TOKENS on a secondary market.