August 22, 2022

Meet Our Pro Fighter Ambassadors #11: Victor "Leo" Pinto

Stay in school kids.

That’s one takeaway for Victor from a stunning life story which saw his parents move him and his brother from France to Thailand when he was just 10 years old.

Underserved by underpaid teachers, he had to work hard to learn the local language by hanging around the local gym and practicing his reading and writing with a voracious appetite for Muay Thai magazines.

Whether through sheer luck or cosmic destiny, the existence of a Muay Thai gym close to his parents’ house in southern Thailand has proved to be life defining 

Leo was the youngest non-Thai to ever fight at the old Lumpinee, making his appearance at the tender age of 14. Just a year later, he dropped out of school and focused on fighting full-time.

In an age without social media Victor Pinto knew he had to be the best fighter in his province to get a shot at the big time. When he weighed 42kg and was put up for the 36kg fight at the Lumpinee, he was not deterred and opted to go for a run three times a day. Yes, three.

The Gamer That is Victor: Multi-Disciplined, Multi-Talented

Victor and brother Antoine, also a storied fighter, are seasoned gaming enthusiasts and even started their own eSports team with a roster who travel the world playing PUBG and Valorant among other titles.

Part of their operations further includes working with one of the biggest eSport organizers in Asia, Mineski Global, and the brothers were deeply involved in the setup for the eSports at the last SEA games which is a huge undertaking. 

Leo actually competed at a semi-pro level in PUBG himself. So even when he’s unwinding after a long day of training the man is still a tireless competitor: winning is in his blood. He’s taken a step back from participating in tournaments to allow the next generation to take the mantle.

He knows gaming inside and out, and we are delighted to have him on board as a knowledgeable advisor who can represent the brand. 

Always Humble

It’s perhaps a testament to the unorthodox start in life Victor had, moving to a country on the other side of the world with a completely foreign culture and language, that he never forgets how privileged he is to be a very well-known professional athlete.

The man conducts seminars from time to time to share the knowledge he’s acquired from a successful career.

And he’s not done yet. A pivot to eSports is a masterstroke, even if he’s simply combining a passion of his with business, but there is more to see from Victor Pinto in the fighting arena.

Now 28, he’s confident he has nothing left to prove to anyone but himself. Straight-talking and self assured after a life journey which should have fazed him, but never did, Victor is the epitome of the champion mindset.

We couldn’t be more delighted to have him on board.

Follow Victor “Leo” Pinto on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with his latest movements.

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