February 2, 2022

Play2Earn and Learn2Earn bring new opportunities to developing countries worldwide

Hundreds of millions worth of tokens are up for grabs in the new wave of crypto games and opens the door to those living in developing countries to earn serious cash. Similarly, users have the opportunity to learn about crypto and put their newfound knowledge to the test with the prospect of a cryptocurrency reward.

Here is a democratized system of earning according to the effort put in by users, where there is a real opportunity to create an income worth something to those in countries where the economy is in dire straits.

Gaming to supplement income

Play-to-earn describes a new model of gaming. Through crypto, there is potential to not only succeed in the game but also gain a return on investment in the process. Increasingly in the time since COVID-19 hit, people from countries such as the Philippines, Brazil and Venezuela have been turning to crypto games in the pursuit of a new income stream.

This is not a new phenomenon as Runescape gold farmers will attest to. However, thriving economies built upon crypto gaming offer the chance for more legitimate and lucrative avenues of earning money from games.

Rather than sustaining black markets that operate outside of the game, players will be able to participate in a legitimate economy with real-life rewards. 

How you can earn through trivia

With an excess supply of crypto priced into any given platform, usually with a fixed rate of inflation, there is a unique opportunity to provide users with learn-to-earn. This can take the form of learning resources which have a timed quiz at the end and a crypto reward for those who get high enough marks.

Here is the most democratic way to distribute crypto across a community. It encourages users to expand their knowledge of not just the specific token they seek to gain, but across cryptocurrencies as a whole in a net benefit to education in the space.

The revolution has already begun

Crypto has potential to equalize the playing field on a global scale in ways which will bring ample opportunity to those in the developing world. Where governments have failed them, citizens can take control by using mechanisms brought to them by cryptocurrencies and the various methods of earning more tokens with a monetary value.

Whether it’s play-to-earn, already a staple of games such as Runescape and WoW though not legitimized, or learn-to-earn, crypto can revolutionize how people make their living and change the dynamics of the global economy for many years to come.

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