February 2, 2022

Today marks the launch of the Crypto Fight Club IDO on Polkastarter at 1pm UTC.

The IDO will finish December 17 at 2pm UTC.


Be sure to log on to your Polkastarter account for a chance to obtain the limited supply of $FIGHT available in our first public sale. 

We have been working hard to bring to you a unique play to earn game with multiple income streams for all players. As we move one step closer to releasing the full game and all its features between now and the beginning of next year, here’s a recap of the game modes:

  • PvP: Wager and bet $FIGHT on duels between two players
  • Championships: Enter into a tournament by paying a fee for the chance to win a sizeable prize pool
  • Gym Battles: Defeat a gym trainer for a reward of tokens and a trainer card
  • Minigames: Participate in fast-paced minigames to obtain $FIGHT
  • Learn2Earn: Correctly answer trivia relating to Crypto Fight Club and blockchain for tokens

Another feature which underpins the Crypto Fight Club platform is decentralized staking. Stake inside your NFT fighter for a period of time between one day and five years to maximize APYs and contribute to the circulation of $FIGHT in the CFC economy. 

Buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace to maximize your chance of success. Sell fighters with a stake inside of them to avoid incurring a penalty fee for breaking the stake early. Buy wearables to upgrade your fighter’s stats. Or, turn a profit on NFTs that have appreciated in value.

How you choose to play is decided by you. If you want to take a backseat, back a fighter through a championship with your hard-earned $FIGHT. Some may want to be the best and rise up through the leaderboards in PvP or minigames. Craft your own destiny on Crypto Fight Club.

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Our Smart Contracts:
The platform's economy is based on an internal $FIGHT TOKEN which has no other monetary value outside the platform. No taxes are applicable to holders of $FIGHT TOKEN. However, if a holder of a $FIGHT TOKEN chooses to sell his or her ASSETS for fiat or digital currency, they may be subjected to taxation, depending on jurisdiction of residence. CRYPTO FIGHT CLUB bears no responsibility for any taxation issues arising from surrendering of FIGHT TOKENS on a secondary market.