August 22, 2022

Restructuring the MiniGame Payout System

Our dedicated team works every day to fulfill the vision for Crypto Fight Club and this means we are always primed and ready to make changes whenever needed.

Even shipping two minigames with among the best token rewards for time played is a constant work in progress as we adjust various components relevant to the entire platform.

Currently, one of these vital components is still in development: $JUICE. For those who don’t know, this is our secondary token for in-game currency and is designed to make the in-game, in-platform economy dynamic and completely seamless. 

$JUICE will help massively with the standardizing of reward payouts across the whole CFC metaverse in what will be an extensive and enjoyable Web3-ready play-to-earn arcade.

The scale of what we are building is huge, but in time we can deliver a unique experience to gamers everywhere.

Our team is exploring different mechanics all the time and remain incredibly thankful to you, the user, for joining us on this journey.

This is the vision, now for what we are changing today in terms of payouts.

How the New Payout System Works

Initially we implemented alternating days for Chicken Run and Fight the Bear with the expectation this would stay until we deployed $JUICE.

After time spent analyzing the data from FtB, we have now built a better payout scheme which will be dispersed daily for both games.

As of today, we will distribute rewards from the weekly pool of 100k $FIGHT in the ratio of 70:30.

This means 70,000 will be distributed for Chicken Run and 30,000 for Fight the Bear every week.

10 CR and 3 FtB runs will count towards your daily payout.

We believe this payout system sits at the perfect cross-section between grinding for tokens and finding enjoyment in a casual gaming experience on our two minigames.

Here at Crypto Fight Club, we have always aimed to be totally transparent with how we do things. At every design and concept stage, our concern is how this will create an amazing and rewarding experience for the user.

We appreciate the support of our community greatly and look forward to delivering the gaming metaverse you all deserve.

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Our Smart Contracts:
The platform's economy is based on an internal $FIGHT TOKEN which has no other monetary value outside the platform. No taxes are applicable to holders of $FIGHT TOKEN. However, if a holder of a $FIGHT TOKEN chooses to sell his or her ASSETS for fiat or digital currency, they may be subjected to taxation, depending on jurisdiction of residence. CRYPTO FIGHT CLUB bears no responsibility for any taxation issues arising from surrendering of FIGHT TOKENS on a secondary market.