February 2, 2022

The Challenge of Game Development

Your favourite AAA games take years to make and require manpower in the hundreds, if not thousands. It’s no easy feat to develop a game from scratch on any scale and developers find themselves having to contend with looming deadlines and ramped up marketing.

A mini-game, too, requires substantial effort to get off the ground without any bugs. Without a big budget and an army of developers and testers, chances are there will be issues along the line.

This shines a light on the hard work and dedication shown by the development team at Crypto Fight Club who built and shipped Chicken Run inside one month.

An unexpected delay of a single day, all things considered, is hardly any more than a slight inconvenience. We have learned from this however, and will apply these lessons to all future mini-games.


Until players got into the game and tried to use their NFT fighter for the first time, we had no way of knowing whether everything was functional. Some fighters couldn’t play straight away, but a fast response by our developers ensured everyone got a chance to compete on the first day.

If we had expected bugs, this was about as good as it gets. Under pressure, our developers reacted quickly and we set up a ticketing system in Discord to ensure everyone had their issues listened to and resolved in good time.

Creating a solid, stable and secure gaming environment is crucial to gain the trust of players and make them want to return to the platform. 

Delivering a game with bugs and not fixing them in a timely manner is a surefire way to lose the good faith of a community, as is evident with some major titles being released only to receive a massive backlash.

User Experience is Key

At the heart of any decent game is how much value a player gets for spending time on it. This is why we have developed a mini-game format to offer gamers a chance to earn tokens without sinking hours into gameplay.

With each round of Chicken Run lasting 120 seconds, players have 20 minutes of ranked game time every day per NFT. Once we can offer PvP for a more extended type of game, there will be a seamless blend of fast-paced, satisfying gameplay and a drawn out experience.

One of the central design philosophies driving our game development is a simple one: give users multiple avenues to earn tokens by playing well. Here we want to reward those who become good at the game and can outcompete others through strategy. 

This is the antithesis to encouraging a grind to get where you want to be. Crypto Fight Club seeks to peel away what makes games less fun and bring a diverse, multifaceted experience to the table.

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