May 2, 2023

We’re Giving Away $100 to Match Your New Achievement Badge

Roll up fighters for yet another giveaway in partnership with CARV. This one is called CFC Paper Chaser, and there's cold hard crypto-cash on the line.

Entries can be made between April 21 and April 28, opening and closing at 12pm UTC on the respective dates.

We've already released an achievement badge on the CARV platform before to great fanfare and success, so we thought it was worth repeating. Also, there is the small matter of 100 USDT to be distributed equally among four lucky winners… and you’ll be shocked at how little you have to do.

Important note: the official event page on CARV is where you claim the achievement badge. Click here!

The steps to enter are outlined in detail in the next section, but here's a visual to help you on your way:

For those who don’t know, CARV is focused on building the ultimate credential and data infrastructure for the gamers who want to represent. Get the badge, claim it on the CARV platform and check out their tremendous work in providing videogame enjoyers with a novel way to experience the space.

You must claim the badge to be eligible for the USDT prize. So without further ado, here’s how you realize your dream of being the proud owner of an exclusive CFC badge and cold, hard crypto-cash.

Get Involved: Here’s How

Step 1: Like and retweet the announcement tweet on CFC Twitter

Step 2: Post a screenshot of your scoreboard for either CFC Warrior or Chicken Run in the CARV Discord (there is a dedicated channel for Crypto Fight Club)

Step 3: Be a member of the CFC Discord

Step 4: Claim on the dedicated event page on CARV

New to CFC? How to Play and Participate to Get Your Badge!

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Click Play

Step 3: Create a login (you only need an email, only create and connect a wallet if you want a free-mint NFT to play with)

Step 4: Select your character

Step 5: Run through the Tutorial

Step 6: Step 6: Play CFC Warrior or Chicken Run (to locate these game modes in the tutorial, find the chicken in the lobby or run through the CFC Warrior door.)

Step 7: Screenshot your scoreboard screen for either game

Step 8: Post inside the CARV Discord

Step 9: Claim on the dedicated event page on CARV

Good Luck and Godspeed

As the crypto winter shows signs of thawing, it’s high time we offered thanks to the fighters who have stuck with Crypto Fight Club since the early days. Tough times make great warriors and the continuation of building out the platform means our mobile games will soon land in your laps.

Good luck to users new and old. We look forward to giving four winners a nice crypto cash prize, and hope everyone who enters enjoys their CFC exclusive CARV badge.

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