August 22, 2022

Win Big Prizes in Our Upcoming Chicken Run Tournament 

On Friday 17 June at 12pm UTC, a tournament will be held on inaugural mini-game Chicken Run to run for 48 hours until June 19 whereupon the highest scoring NFTs will earn their owners prizes of crypto and EXP for use in the CFC Living Legend rewards program.

This means the competition will record runs made between Friday 17 June at 12pm UTC to Sunday 19 June at 12pm UTC.

In the lead up to the release of Fight the Bear, we want to give back to the community and show appreciation for the support shown as we continue to build the ultimate crypto fighting game.

Simply enter by playing with an NFT fighter over the weekend specified and we will record the performance of the best combatants.

One NFT per wallet will be eligible for $BUSD prizes and EXP for winners and participants is to be awarded to help them rank on the Living Legend system and place themselves at a better chance of gaining some tasty bonuses.

Remember, the Chicken Run tournament runs between 17-19 June and all participants will need to have the “Fighter Owner” rank on Discord. 

Stay tuned to our Twitter, Discord and Telegram for updates going forward!

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Our Smart Contracts:
The platform's economy is based on an internal $FIGHT TOKEN which has no other monetary value outside the platform. No taxes are applicable to holders of $FIGHT TOKEN. However, if a holder of a $FIGHT TOKEN chooses to sell his or her ASSETS for fiat or digital currency, they may be subjected to taxation, depending on jurisdiction of residence. CRYPTO FIGHT CLUB bears no responsibility for any taxation issues arising from surrendering of FIGHT TOKENS on a secondary market.