A History of CFC Memes and Dreams

Our fantastic community has helped us spread the word of CFC through memes since 2021. Here's a look back.

A History of CFC Memes and Dreams

What an 18 months it’s been. Time and time again we have put the call out for content engagements and enjoyed a huge response every damn time. 

These ongoing series — of rewarding campaigns, tournaments, partner events, AMAs, let’s plays and more! — mark some of the top highlights of CFC history so far.

And the memes. The CFC team absolutely loved some of the memes you made for us throughout our community-led contests.

So we thought we’d offer a snapshot of these tasty, memetic works of art that we have only you to thank for.

Fight the Bear Memes

Five meme lords scooped up huge Living Legend EXP for their efforts, with the above image placing second in the competition. As our judges felt, there is always a place for ironic early era style memes. Thanks for the laughs guys.

Meme Contest With Playdex

This spoopy spooky halloween themed contest was brought to you in partnership with the heroes over at Playdex.

Some vintage content came out here, and we were very pleased to give away BUSD and NFTs to eight winners. Very special mention to those talented artists who used their hands not their keyboards to create some spectacular crafts. A few of them got into the top eight.

Christmas Memes

Self-explanatory one. CFC users were probably stuck at home for the holidays with family members they can barely tolerate. Why not spread the Christmas spirit and cheer?

This was a touch more wholesome than previous iterations but it was cleared by top meme scientists. Even if the meme is a lovely Christmas card to the CFC family from a loyal player, it still counts and a meme nonetheless it is.

You guys truly are awesome and our thanks goes out to the entire community. We know you deliver every single time, so you can expect many more meme contests in the future.