Crypto Fight Club Completes Successful Seed Round

A phenomenally successful seed round to the tune of nearly $3 million hit the front pages of NewsBTC amid the start of a long development journey.

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Crypto Fight Club Wins PancakeSwap LP Auction for the 2nd Time

Yahoo Finance picked up the story of Crypto Fight Club winning a Pancakeswap LP Auction and welcoming a wave of new $FIGHT holders.

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As NFT Games Emerge, Meet Crypto Fight Club

Bitcoinist spotlights Crypto Fight Club as an emerging game within a fast-growing sphere of NFT-enhanced media.

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NFT 1.0 and NFT 2.0 Were Novel Creations – NFT 3.0 Combines the Best of Both Worlds

CTO of CFC, Felix Mohr, writes in the The Daily Hodl on the transformative power of NFT 3.0 as compared to previous iterations.

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