Unlock a World of Possibilities with NFT Fighters

Crypto Fight Club's NFT avatars act as passports to the metaverse and beyond. These unique fighters offer an immersive gaming experience, while providing exciting opportunities to earn and connect.

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USES OF JUICE (Web2 native)

  • Acquire loot boxes
  • Evolve wearables
  • Unlock characters
  • Wager matches

JUICE is the secondary token leveraged throughout CFC’s ecosystem as the basis for reward distributions. It is an off-chain token stored in CFC data centers globally.

What is "JUICE"?

The JUICE token's main purpose is reward-based for an array of features both developed, and yet to be built, hard-coded to be conducive to a dynamic platform experience.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes hold hidden items and consumables known as wearables in CFC. To unlock these mystery boxes, players can spend their in-app earnings from games like CFC Warrior and Chicken Run where they earn spendable JUICE.

Mystery boxes contain wearables such as boxing gloves, Muay Thai shorts, championship belts, shutter shades, and much more.

Evolve Wearables

CFC wearables are able to become stronger and better the more you collect! With wearables ranking from 1-10 (10 being the strongest, 1 being the weakest), you can boost yoru metaverse gear up from any rarity.

Simply put, you can spend earnable JUICE and stack wearables by rariy to end up with a single wearable that makes your fighter stronger and better in the ring.