Unlock a World of Possibilities with NFT Fighters

Crypto Fight Club's NFT avatars act as passports to the metaverse and beyond. These unique fighters offer an immersive gaming experience, while providing exciting opportunities to earn and connect.

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USES OF FIGHT (Web3 native)

  • Mint NFT fighters 
  • Acquire loot boxes
  • Staking (evolution + interest)
  • Evolve wearables

FIGHT is the utility token used throughout CFC’s ecosystem. It's the basis for all transactions and interactions, as a BRC-20 utility token built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. There is a finite supply of 1,000,000,000 FIGHT.

What is "FIGHT"?

CFC is a virtual metaverse arcade where players can interact, own, and monetize their gaming experiences on the BNB blockchain using the platform’s utility token, FIGHT.

Players can create digital assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), upload them to the marketplace, and integrate them into games seamlessly.

CFC is Currently Involved With

  • Managing the Game Makers Fund and Creators Fund, offering grants to incentivize high quality content and game production in The Sandbox.
  • Sponsoring prizes for the various contests organized by The Sandbox team (VoxEdit Contests and Game Jams) to stimulate the creativity of users around the world and get them to engage with the tools of our platform
  • Supporting play-to-earn tournaments and cross-gaming with activities that encourage the broader adoption of SAND

The $FIGHT token's main purpose in the ecosystem is to be unlock a plethora of functions and experiences, to be utilized in a myriad of ways in each product developed.

Decentralized Staking

Staking is limited to NFT avatar holders only. Stakers' APY is paid out from a hardcoded annual inflation rate of 1%. Stakers retain the freedom of choice when delegating stakes and locking tokens.

Rewards are pre-determined by the size and length of the time-deposit. Further incentives include NFT evolution and bonus APYs.

Play-&-Earn Gaming

To earn crypto assets inside CFC, participants must hold a BEP-721 NFT avatar. Currently, players earn in-game credits (JUICE) for participating in different game modes.

Whilst contending against other competitors, players earn more by ranking higher on the leaderboards. Higher leaderboard rankings are incentivized by larger rewards and redeemable NFTs inside of mystery boxes.

Automated Burning

Creating scarcity and building demand is a must for developing a robust economy. In order to acquire an NFT avatar to stake and play, future participants must burn a fixed portion $FIGHT to mint an NFT or obtain one from a secondary NFT marketplace.

Club Lending

Obtaining an NFT avatar for the play-&-earn model will be easier than ever with Club Lending. Owners of NFTs (renters) can lend their assets to those who do not currently have a playable avatar (borrowers) for a split of the in-game rewards. The renters either provide a fixed rate, duration and fee for their NFTs to anyone, or work out independent deals with borrowers, providing them with more options and flexibility.