Event Recap: Content Comp and Scavenger Hunt

Competitions now closed! Congratulations to all of our winners. You earned those great, great prizes.

Event Recap: Content Competition and Scavenger Hunt

These events are officially DONE! Well done to everyone who scooped prizes and walked away with more money to spend on CFC Generation 2 NFTs, available to mint now!

Seriously impressive speed on the Scavenger Hunt finds.

Good job guys, we were not expecting such a relentless hunt and had to keep making it harder. It worked... barely.

Content Creation 1

We saw, we appreciated, and we fell in love with your absolutely amazing AI art creations. The first content creation contest has now closed.

You were all invited to use CFC model assets created by our design and development team, then plug them into an AI art generator and try to create the best or most interesting fight scene. A $100 prize pool was available to scoop for those budding prompt engineers. And scoop you did. Well done to everyone who participated.

There were simply too many great entries to go without mentioning some of the best runners-up. We hope to see you in the top three next time!