Party in the Discord: Win Hundreds of BUSD

A look inside the busy CFC Discord, where there is no shortage of joy, laughter... and big, big prizes.

Party in the Discord: Hundreds of BUSD up for Grabs

For those of you not in the CFC Discord (and really, if not, what are you doing?) we need to highlight just how much is going on over there.

Numerous events past and future exist solely for the purpose of keeping the conversation going and making our community experience as engaging and interactive as possible. There are some tidy cash rewards on offer all the time, as well as various other prizes.

Holding a CFC NFT grants access to exclusive community game nights with $BUSD and Living Legend points on offer. Also a members-only Discord channel!

Here’s a quick glance at what we’ve done in recent history and the incentives there are to get you participating… as well as a look into the crystal ball to see what’s coming next.

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

We hope you enjoyed Discord minigames night with us and had a storming time on Lolshot.io!

Maze Runner and Smash Karts are still to come this July, with the former at 19:30pm UTC on July 19th!

And remember, if you don’t claim one of the $BUSD cash prizes, there are Living Legend points to be earned. So get to it!

Read on to find out more.

Action-Packed Events

Event 1 - 19:30 UTC, July 7th: Discord Minigames - CONCLUDED

Discord minigames are the name of this domain. Join your CFC community compadres for a fun night of random mini-games.

This of course takes place inside Discord. Putty for putt putt? Pro at poker? Are you playing chess or checkers? There are a ton of options and we are open to taking crowd votes on what to kick off the month with.

Event 2 - 19:30 UTC, July 14th: Lolshot.io - CONCLU

We’re bringing back a fan favorite from a previous contest: Lolshot.io!

This multiplayer first-person shooter game involves quirky weapons with massive damage. Destroy the opposition and seize the best prizes. Progamers prepare to win big.

Be present and active in Discord at Crypto $FIGHT Club⁠🥊┃the-ring at the allocated time: our ever present community lead, Nugert, will be there to send you a link to play the game.

Event 3 - 19:30 UTC, July 19th: MAZE Runner

Run rings around the others in MAZE Runner. Maybe you were outgunned in the last event, or noobs got a ridiculous run of poker hands. But if your mind is quicker than the rest, this is your time to shine: join us for a merry time maze running to find out who the greatest escape artist is.

Again, be present at the allocated time in Discord at ⁠Crypto $FIGHT Club⁠🥊┃the-ring and Nugert will provide the maze for all participants to solve. 

The single fastest person to solve the maze will win a prize.

Event 4 - 20:00 UTC, July 25th: Smashkarts.io

If you're a master of the karts you want to get involved here. If you like it when things go boom, you definitely should be interested. Be present and active in Discord at Crypto $FIGHT Club⁠🥊┃the-ring upon the event's start and Nugert again will direct you.

Past Events

You may recall our successful CFC carnival which saw 16 CFC NFT holders take home a share of the $200 BUSD prize pool. This involved fun community gaming nights such as:

  • Smash Karts.io Tournament
  • Poke Night
  • LolShot.io Tournament
  • Skribbl.io Night

Many such events through different mediums occurred. You might remember our chess tournament: we didn't know so many of you had such game.