Two Years of Crypto Fight Club! So, What’s Next?

Two years fly by when you're always in the ring. Now listen up: big things coming in 2024...

Two Years of Crypto Fight Club! So, What’s Next?

Fighters and spectators: look how far we’ve come on our journey.

As we approach our two-year anniversary, we are compelled to look back at 24 months of hard work in a tough market. Our vision was and remains long-term: while many other projects have come and gone CFC is still here and still aims to be among the last men standing when it boils down to web3 gaming.

Thriving, surviving, and kicking ass is no small part due to our awesome team and, of course, you fighters who stuck it out while we steadied the ship and continued to build.

Now it wouldn’t be an anniversary party without activities for the kids. We’re also ready to share with you a few major updates and exciting plans for the future! So gather round and celebrate what we’ve achieved with eyes firmly set on what’s coming next.

At a glance: Locker Room is coming on December 28th with Fight Royale to come quickly after, on the week starting January 8th (and the big tournament is the weekend following release!)

Key Milestone: $FIGHT Initiate

The boys are toiling and we are pleased to announce: $FIGHT Initiate is coming. Tomorrow. This is not a drill: $FIGHT Initiate is live.

Fighters, are you ready?

This is the link you need for $FIGHT Initiate

Read on for more details and a sneak peek into what we have planned!

If y’all don’t already know: the $FIGHT Initiate badge is your all-access pass to probably the biggest series of giveaways, rewards and tournaments in CFC history… including a huge tournament with a maximum prize pool of $10,000 hosted on our upcoming Fight Royale PvP game mode. The final prize pool will be subject to how many mints occur and operates on a sliding scale. You have until the end of the second week of January to bump this the prize pool up so get minting lads.

Every badge owner will also be airdropped a free wearable (GEAR). Let’s go lads. Find out more about GEAR here.

Underpinning this are our OG partners, CARV

These guys are the go-to place for $FIGHT Initiate and we’ve got a bunch more cool stuff planned with them heading into 2024. Their integration and support with the CFC ecosystem has been an incredible asset; really, working with the CARV team is a pleasure and a privilege.

They also play a huge role in helping us give you more stuff. Want to find out more?

Your Ticket Into Initiate

Two things need to be done to qualify for the $FIGHT Initiate badge: mint a Gen 2 NFT, then claim your badge with CARV. Existing holders will also have a chance to participate.

Each initial mint requires 10,000 $FIGHT (at current prices, $2 USD + BNB fee) and the tokens are burned after the mint is confirmed. If you haven’t got any $FIGHT yet, what are you doing? You can purchase it here on Pancakeswap (click this link!).

Just head on over to the CFC login page, connect your Metamask wallet and buy your fighter.

Once you own a fighter NFT, you need to pass the checks on the CARV platform. It’s as easy as clicking the links on their portal. Search for the CFC page, or just click here.

The portal will show a series of actions you need to complete, such as “like and follow, retweet, join our Discord, verify your CFC NFT ownership” and so on.

Claim your badge and we shall note the addresses. $JUICE will be airdropped directly to your wallets upon the release of Locker Room (that’s a big one on its own, read on to find out more).

Click here to go to CARV and claim your $FIGHT Initiate badge.

Gloves On In The Locker Room

The astute among you will have noticed we teased the slightest hint of our Locker Room where you’ll be able to get your hands on fantastic free wearables (GEAR).

We’ve been testing and building and testing some more. Things are looking good for a December 28th launch date.

Here’s the brief rundown:

  • Buying and spending JUICE introduced
  • Emotes launches
  • GEAR hits the market
  • Quest system starts (earning you JUICE!)

We’re excited to give you Quests to complete in an entirely new dimension to CFC. More and more features are coming your way too, and we’ll get the word out when the time is right. 

The Locker Room rollout will further involve some seriously cool fighter emotes to be released in batches, available for a limited time, and available to buy directly with JUICE inside the Locker Room.

At CFC we believe it is absolutely necessary to disrespect your opponents by dunking on them with a dope emote after a solid KO. No teabagging, sorry. 

Emotes are shown when you kill another player, in-game on a button click as well as on the endgame screen. Flex on those haters fam.

Fight Royale Release: At Last, Test Your Mettle

You do not believe how thrilled we are to be dropping Fight Royale. It’s coming to your screens in early January, likely the week starting the 8th, so put on your gloves and and ready the bandages. Things are about to get real fighty.

Game testings week in and week out mean the finetuning process on Fight Royale has been utterly insane. Depraved even. There was no way we were going to deliver an unfinished product; CFC builds and hones and elaborates. It is our way of doing things.

By the way, Gen 2 NFT holders can still access beta testing events with cash prizes up for grabs here. All of this goes down on Discord so if you’re not there already… why not?

We’ll be rolling out content to pump you up in the coming weeks leading up to the launch. A lil something for you will be wrapped up in these posts: engaging with our social content on the upcoming release could earn you some extra cash.

This content will be released periodically and we’ll offer raffles for USD on each post you engage with. Stay tuned for updates and details on Discord.

Being More Mobile in 2024

If you’re such a degenerate you game on the go… we have just the thing for you.

As we bid farewell to another year of CFC, we’re gearing up for an even more exciting one ahead. Android and iOS users will be able to download the CFC app and play every single game mode at their leisure! 

So much work has gone into this and it gives us the power to adapt the game to new horizons and add a ridiculous amount of cool things for you guys. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this front.

Christmas Campaign: Knockout Spirit

Fighters need Christmas presents too. With the holiday season approaching we are forgoing all of the gift shopping for our loved ones to ensure we build a cracker of a campaign for you guys. One of many such exciting things we’re cooking.

Stay Pumped Boys

From us at the CFC team, we must say the last two years have been a pleasure serving our community who really lie at the heart of what we do.

We’re a resilient platform committed to delivering a top-notch gaming experience and that’s exactly what you’re going to get. 

Much more will come in the future, even the near-future is packed with stuff worth getting hyped about. So let’s keep kicking ass together. Your support is greatly appreciated.