Can You Claim a $200 Fighter Bounty?

The first fighter bounty is now claimed! Three remain, with $100 to claim.

Update: First Bounty Claimed!

One of you found your Neolithic Joe and presumably set him up in a state of the art cave somewhere with the initial $100 prize. Well done Doff!

Three bounties remain on Neolithic Joe: second to claim will get $50 and the following two receive $30 and $20. Keep minting and keep hunting!

Can You Claim a $200 Fighter Bounty?

Calling all Gen 2 minters: as promised, the first bounty on a fighter is ready to be announced for NFT batch 1. This is not a drill: the bounty is LIVE!

Some of you may have now met the Karate savant, Neolithic Joe.

A little about our friend:

“Lives in a cave because he believes the luxuries of modern human living makes people soft. Eats nose to tail from all his successful hunts. Can’t resist a name brand chocolate bar though.”

If he resides in your wallet, you need to go to the CFC Discord, open a ticket and speak to the team to verify ownership for some fabulous BUSD prizes. Be quick! There can only be four winners.

First place receives $100, second gets $50, with third and fourth able to claim $30 and $20 respectively.

This is only the beginning. Each subsequent batch of NFTs will be subject to a bounty, so keep on minting or holding out hope that your current fighter will be named in future bounties.