Quest With CARV

Play CFC Warrior and win $$$ in the first ever CFC quest event!

Quest With CARV

Our friends over at CARV.io have launched in-game tracking for actions. For the knowledgeable gamers out there, you know what this means. Quests!

Questing through the treacherous terrains of CFC game modes is soon going to be an option. We’ll let you know what this looks like in the near future, so stay tuned. Rest assured it’s going to add a huge new aspect to the platform.

But for now, to mark this fantastic new dimension to CARV, we are giving away tokens and some lovely $USDT.

Loyal fighters, read on to find out more.

Win Tokens, Gain an NFT

We’re running a campaign from September 28th to October 5th where 5 winners will receive 10,000 $FIGHT tokens… which can essentially snag you a wicked CFC Fighter on us.

Our team also knows you fighters need cash to pay for the endless steak dinners required for any filthy dirty bulk. $10 USDT each is also up for grabs for five lucky winners.

How to Enter

This one is super simple.

First, follow CFC on Twitter and join the CFC Discord. Then like and retweet our official announcement tweet for the campaign.

For the handholding, kindergarten instructions just do what we say below:

1 - Head to cryptofightclub.io/play

2 - From the training gym menu create an account using your email

3 - After you’ve created an account, click the Warrior game mode in the top right

4 - Use any one of the three characters and finish at least one run of CFC Warrior (100 pts minimum)

5 - Head back over to CARV.io and create an account there (MetaMask wallet required)

6 - Link the email account that you used to play CFC

7 - Head to CARV and verify your participation

8 - Complete the other social actions mentioned

9 - Claim the badge!

10 - Check back on October 6th to see if you are one of five lucky winners!

Come on, even our team could achieve such a phenomenally easy goal. 

As usual, the CFC gang will be waiting with bated breath to receive your proof of participation in Discord. Head there after the campaign kicks off to learn how to do this.

Every single participant will get a fresh CARV badge as well as CARV points, so there’s no need to be upset if you fall short.

Good luck!