You Smashed it First Time… Ready for Scavenger Hunt 2?

We've got to admit, you fighters scavenged well first time around. Time to turn things up a notch... with bigger prizes to boot.

You Smashed it First Time… Ready for Scavenger Hunt 2?

Scavenger Hunt 1 was a blast. On one hand, the team at CFC were delighted so many of you got involved and eagerly scanned the website for the hidden fighters. But we were also shocked. Who knew our community were such accomplished clue hunters and detectives?

This time we’re not playing games. Scavenger Hunt 2 will be harder and it’s up to you guys to prove that we cannot and will not defeat you. The stakes (prizes) have been raised accordingly.

Prepare to get searching on August 19th at 12pm UTC.

Our round table of game designers, marketers, community managers and the shadowy elite management team have been busy sharing chuckles and chortles in CFC meetings. This time, we say, our community is sure to be beaten in the game of Find the NFT.

It’s inconceivable… no, impossible, for CFC players to beat this challenge within hours of each clue dropping. We’ve got you now. Prove us wrong.

You Ain’t Ready

As already established, the hardest challenge lies ahead. 

Do not fear, for winners will be handsomely rewarded. Each person who finds and claims an NFT fighter before anyone else will win stablecoin to the value of $20 for a total $100 prize pool. Second place and beyond are set to receive Living Legend points.

So, Scavenger Hunt 2 will see five NFTs hidden over the course of the next two weeks.

They can be found either somewhere on the brand spanking new website… or, this time, actually inside one of the various CFC game modes.

That’s right. It’s no 2d game anymore because we’re going 3d with this hunt. Time to do some actual searching, you fools.

When to Search

Each time a new NFT fighter is hidden we’ll post inside the CFC Discord to let you know.

The only information we’ll give beforehand is the day of the posts: the time we place the fighter, wherever it may be hidden, is going to be different for each one. Our aim is to give everyone an equal chance, whether they’re from Guam or Guatemala. 

Be ready for the first post coming out at 12 PM UTC on August 19th.