CFC in the Real World: Fighting Gym Edition

Two noble fighting gyms doing fantastic work in the scene. They work closely with CFC to deliver to you the best fighting game in Web3.

CFC in the Real World: Fighting Gym Edition

Every fighting force needs a home gym and CFC is privileged enough to have two fine establishments supporting us every step of the way.

Big shoutout to Elite Fight Club in Thailand and The Ring, Singapore for collaborating with us and helping to get the message out there to real fighters, in real places. Read on for a little bit about what they do and how they fit into the CFC bubble.

Elite Fight Club

Elite Fight Club: where Champions are Made, Not Born.

EFC, as it is known, boasts two locations: one gym is on Sukhamvit in Bangkok amidst the bustle of the busy Thai capital, the other in the luscious natural surroundings of Huahin and located a stone’s throw from the beach. Both are excellent training centers favored by some of the most promising fighters out there. Both boast numerous healthy restaurants nearby as well as comfortable private quarters.

They have been with CFC from the very beginning, as a founding partner, and we couldn’t appreciate them more. Life-sized cardboard cutouts of our NFT fighters can be found around the EFC gyms; we further collaborated on original EFC x CFC fighting gear. The gyms have proven a great vehicle for spreading the word of CFC to those passionate about fighting sports, with a growing interest in Web 3.

The Ring

The Ring, Singapore is massive. We sponsored one of their tournaments, which meant putting CFC under the bright lights in front of both a packed crowd and an international audience watching from home. 

This is a gym made for fighters of all skill levels with something for everyone. A true community, as we are building with CFC, that only seeks to empower those who turn up. Fighting sports aren’t for everyone, but those it is for will understand: you gain an unequaled opportunity to transform every facet of your being. Together we can try to bottle that magic more often.