Partner Events Recapped

We've seen Web3 visionaries collaborate with CFC countless times, making it possible to hold scores of huge events with special prizes.

Partner Events Recapped

Time to fondly recall the many spectacular events held on CFC. Our aim was to primarily give back to the community and make these as fun, engaging and ultimately rewarding as possible.

You may remember some of the prizes were truly something special; our partners were instrumental in helping us deliver such a unique offering and we owe them a massive thanks.

Without further ado, a look back at some of the biggest events in CFC history.

CFC Fight Night

A whopping $1500 BUSD prize pool was up for grabs following the release of CFC Warrior. Players just had to complete the best runs over the course of the tournament and get their names to the top of the leaderboard. 

Sounds easy, but considering innumerable talented players had been grinding the game mode since its release… you needed some serious tactical nous to succeed on the side scroller platform game in competition against almost every other person on the platform.

BlockchainSpace, Valluna, The Kapital DAO, Play It Forward DAO, Playdex and BreederDAO all were instrumental in putting on this gargantuan tournament. We’re pleased to remember it as a phenomenal success for all parties, with some players walking away considerably richer.

Las Vegas UFC Giveaway

The absolute heroes of this event in June 2022 were the team behind Kanpai Pandas: these legends provided an NFT ticket to UFC 276 in Las Vegas… in the VIP suite no less.

A very serious prize, yet all entrants needed was ownership of a CFC NFT and to complete a few social media tasks. And we were very pleased to offer someone in our community a chance to chill in the VIP section and watch elite fights, meet great minds and consume the best food and alcohol on offer.

Cross-Chain Poker Tournament

September 2022 saw Kadena Mining Club and Alpha Traders Country Club create the conditions for a royal flush in partnership with CFC.

A $500 BUSD prize pool was clearly something many within our communities could not fold on. 

Together we roused interest, brought users into each others’ social channels and hosted what turned out to be a spectacular battle of cunning and guile. We knew some of you were pretty smart.

Into the Ring Giveaway Series

Social tasks, test plays, AMAs and more all featured in both of our Into the Ring events to-date.

Koakuma Games and Kadena Mining Club each helped us hold a separate giveaway where NFTs and whitelist spots were on offer. 

These were hosted in anticipation of great new things and are remembered for bringing the community together to play good games on both CFC and the partner platform, and in the process acquire free stuff. What’s not to love?