2nd Generation NFTs Are Coming

Are you ready for Gen 2? Prepare your wallets with $FIGHT and embark on the next phase of CFC this summer.

2nd Generation NFTs Are Coming

Are you ready for a whirlwind of new CFC releases?

All roads lead to the release of the 2nd generation of fighters, with the latest unique collection of NFTs from disciplines not previously seen on the platform.

We’re making sure to give you 101 reasons to either upgrade from a Gen 1 fighter or buy your very first CFC NFT. There are so, so many incentives to watch out for and take serious note: our most exciting and long-awaited features and products are landing on your screens imminently… and not just your home computer, but on Android and iOS mobiles too.

Prepare to enter into a new era with us in Generation 2. Read on for the juicy specifics.

Gen 2 Mint Details

Minting Starts 23rd June

Enough said. Make sure your wallets are loaded up with 10k $FIGHT, or more if you're looking to scoop a veritable roster of champion fighters.

Batched Releases

Gen 2 NFTs will be released in dynamic batches with varying quantities per batch. 

We’ll be starting with 500 in the first batch but don’t fear if you miss out: there will be plenty of opportunities to grab your NFT fighter.


Each initial mint requires 10,000 $FIGHT ($6 at the time of publishing): once you’ve spent this amount to receive an NFT at random, the tokens are burned. This system works to decrease overall supply and serves our deflationary token model to ultimately create a sustainable, inclusive and thriving ecosystem.

This time will be different, however: we are implementing a “2nd wind” reroll system to ensure you retain the best chance possible of minting a worthy fighter. More details can be found further down.

10 Different Disciplines

Look out for brand new fighting disciplines on Gen 2 NFTs: 10, to be exact. We hope you’ll find your favorite martial art is now represented in the CFC universe!

100 Unique NFTs 

A whopping 100 unique NFT models with varying styles, determined by their discipline, are included in Gen 2. 

$FIGHT Initiate Badge

All holders of a Gen 2 NFT will receive an exclusive $FIGHT Initiate badge. 

What does this mean? It gives you automatic access to a Gen 2 only tournament. The very first FIGHT Royale tournament will however be free access, meaning anyone can participate, but you will either enter with your $FIGHT Initiate badge or by burning $FIGHT tokens.

Another huge bonus for these badge holders is automatic inclusion in a $JUICE airdrop. We’ll be giving these fighters enough $JUICE to mint a wearable; you just need to mint your Gen 2 fighter, claim the badge and essentially receive a free wearable on us.

And you can expect numerous other exclusive experiences to be released following launch day.

Gen 2 holders are also be eligible for a reward draw which will see prizes randomly distributed to a handful of lucky winners.

Minting Incentive Programs

Early Buyer, Higher Rarity Odds

Your chances of minting a rarer fighter within the Gen 2 collection decreases as we progress further into the batch releases. Participate in early batches to give yourself the best chance of minting a rare beast of a fighter, with better stats than your average joe.

2nd Wind Reroll 

Didn’t get an ultra-rare on your first minting attempt? Never fear: our reroll system is here!

We offer a 50% discount on minting price until you get the rare NFT you deserve. Unlimited rolls, 50% off after the first roll. You can reroll on any rarity NFT, no exceptions.

You can in fact reroll as many times as you want and actually select which NFT you keep! Upon finalizing the mint, your wallet instantly receives the chosen fighter (which we all hope is a world champion). 

To mint multiple NFTs, you must confirm your NFT mint and start the process anew.

Many of you will be looking to upgrade your common NFTs, of course. But will you, upon minting a rare, take the plunge for a chance of obtaining the finest fighter in all the land? The choice is yours.

NFT Bounty Program

Make no mistake: the stakes and rewards are higher when participating in Gen 2 launch when compared with the inaugural mint. 

To this end, in each batch release there will be a bounty on one of our unique NFTs. 

The first four to claim and verify ownership of the specified NFT fighter will be handsomely rewarded with stablecoins. First prize is $100 and slides down to $50, $30 and $20 for each subsequent position. 

We’ll announce the NFT with a bounty on it ahead of, or the day of the initial launch. Make sure you know which fighter to look out for before you mint!

NFT-Holder Exclusive Benefits

Premium Access to CFC

Both CFC online and the forthcoming CFC mobile app will play host to exclusive events and reward offerings for those holding either Gen 1 or Gen 2 NFTs. 

Exclusive Tournament Access

As we move towards the launch of our PvP mode, FIGHT Royale, we plan to take things up a notch and set into motion a regularly occurring tournament system.

The aim is to create a premier competitive experience that is tangibly rewarding for those most skilled, which also incentivizes activity for CFC NFT holders. 

Discord Community Events

A thriving community needs excitement and we are only too happy to deliver. Regular events allow us to engage, but also give back to our supporters. 

We give away hundreds of USDT every month; the only two requirements for a chance at winning are that you get into the official Discord channel, and possess a CFC NFT.

Fighter Evolution Staking System

We would be remiss to avoid mentioning our staking system which, similar to the Gen 2 mint, will boost the health of CFC tokenomics and work in a deflationary manner.

Get an edge on the competition and stake LP $FIGHT inside of your Gen 2 fighter (for a minimum amount and duration) and watch their stats permanently rise by the staking period’s end! 

Lead the Charge on Mobile

As CFC rapidly expands the product suite over the coming months, and we set our sights on a mobile takeover with a unified app, minting and owning a Gen 2 NFT puts you in prime position to dominate the competition on the new frontier of mobile.  

Gen 2 NFTs will enjoy slightly improved stats when compared to the traditional Web 2 mobile user’s default fighter options. Use this advantage to kick some serious ass in FIGHT Royale on mobile!

Near-Future Product Roadmap

In the coming months, we have scores of new and exciting product releases planned.

These include the following:

Gen 2 NFT

Tremendous value through programs, exclusive access and features, with more to come!

The batches will be continually released starting from June 23rd, starting again on random dates. Be ready to snag them in these limited drops!

Wearables Launch

Not much to explain here. Your fighter will be able to wear cool crap that boosts stats. In NFT form. Prepare to get kitted up in dope wearables from late July.

There are 10 different rarities with 6 equipment slots: shoes, shorts, gloves, belts, trainers and extras. Choose wisely to maximize and enhance your fighter for the ring.

A platform mechanic also gives players the opportunity to stack and merge wearables to evolve, meaning you can burn two wearables and create an entirely new, stronger item. So, for example, any item which boosts 2 points can be combined with a 1 point item to generate a random new 3 pointer. Be wary of combining higher rarity wearables as there will be a maximum obtainable wearable through this mechanic.

On the upside, you can combine any wearable class with any other!

Marketplace Launch

Finally, you will be able to use your hard-earned native tokens to purchase fighters. And wearables! Turbocharge your NFT’s stats… with more NFTs! Coming late July.

FIGHT Royale

PvP (technically PvPvPvPvPvP). A six-player free-for-all with one emerging the victor. Get your hype hats on and prepare for an August release date.

Mobile App Release on Android + iOS

We know many of you have been waiting eagerly for this. Well, we’re just about ready. Marked for a September release.

Play your favorite CFC game modes (even multiplayer) on the bus, in the bathroom or even at a birthday party. This unified mobile app mirrors the web app: players can jump into four different game modes, access full character customization and earn assets. In-game assets earned on mobile can even be transferred into NFTs through the desktop portal.

The world is our oyster once the unified CFC mobile app lands on Google Play and the Apple App Store. We hope you’re as excited as we are.