CFC Dev Update #9

Prepare for a mega Roadmap Refresh!

CFC Dev Update #9

Greetings, and welcome to the latest update from Crypto Fight Club! It's been a hot minute since our last update, but we've been hard at work on some exciting developments that we can't wait to share with you. 

As they say, “the quiet man wins the war”, and we've been humbly working behind the scenes to bring you some huge and sweeping changes to how you experience CFC.

2nd Generation Fighters

First up, let's talk about Gen 2 Fighters. We know you've been eagerly anticipating the second generation of Crypto Fight Club NFTs, and we're thrilled to announce that they're almost ready to roll out.

Our team has put in countless hours of hard work to ensure that Gen 2 looks amazing and we're confident that you're going to love them as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled for more information, coming your way very soon.

$FIGHT Royale (PvP)

But that's not all - we're also hard at work on our PvP mode, $FIGHT Royale. Development is steaming ahead for desktop users, and we're excited to announce that it will also be launching on our mobile app.

Yes, you read that right - we're taking on the huge task of bringing $FIGHT Royale to mobile, and our technical gurus are confident that we can deliver. We promise they're not sneaking off to grab a sandwich.

Google Play & iOS App

Speaking of our mobile app, we know that it's been a long time coming, and we appreciate your patience. Originally scheduled for release in May, we've decided to pivot our release schedule to deliver an even more comprehensive and enjoyable all-inclusive app for our users. 

After taking advice from some certified OGs in the field, we've decided to create a fully fleshed-out app that will be a great first experience for new Web 2 users. Our developers have been working tirelessly to deliver the best possible Crypto Fight Club mobile app, and we'll share a new timeline with you as soon as we can.

Community Growth

Of course, we can't forget our amazing community lead, Nugert. He's been kicking ass and providing unrivaled value to our Discord community week in and week out, and we couldn't be more grateful for his hard work. Stay in the loop to see all the awesome things he has in store for you.

In other news, we've closed our CFC Telegram channel. As times change, we've found that Discord is a much more useful comms channel for games in the space, and we want to focus our resources where they'll provide the most value to our users.

In a Nutshell

Over the next few months, our core deliverables will include:

Stage 1: Teaser Trailers

Stage 2: PVP & Gen 2 Trailers

Stage 3: Gen 2 Drop (We’ll Use Tranches)

Stage 4: Wearables & Marketplace Drop

Stage 5: PVP Drop

Stage 6: CFC Mobile App Trailer

Stage 7: Unified App Goes Live on GooglePlay & iOS

CFC extends an enormous thank you to our users who have stuck with us through a weird year for blockchain-based gaming. Your support means the world to us, and we intend to repay that faith with some amazing new campaigns and products that will revolutionize how you experience Crypto Fight Club. So stay tuned, and get ready for bigger and better things from the CFC team every single day!