Every CFC Dev Update Ever

Total transparency has always been the name of the game. Take a look at what's gone on in every CFC dev update ever.

Every CFC Dev Update Ever

All of the dev updates in the history of CFC are here for your viewing pleasure. Plot the course of throughout our tireless efforts to build and deliver a great Web3 experience. 

Also, do make sure to check out our latest Dev Update found elsewhere on the blog page for more recent updates.

Dev Update: 1

We’ve been hard at work to get Crypto Fight Club up and running in a browser near you. Your interest is much appreciated and we are dedicated to full transparency, so here’s an update on what has been going on behind the scenes in our building of a unique play2earn crypto game.

Contracts, Contracts, Contracts

Over the last month we have completed all our smart contracts. To break this down, we have an NFT contract where users can mint their own NFTs by sacrificing or burning fight tokens. We do not make any money from this, instead the user chooses to burn tokens so they are taken out of circulation in exchange for an NFT.

We also finalized our staking contract to allow players to stake either $FIGHT or LP of $FIGHT into their NFT. It’s set up to allow multiple stakes on one NFT, which itself is an access pass to the annual reward pool of 10 million $FIGHT. This means there will only be 5,000 stakers initially and players will then have to wait until the next NFT drop.

Our vesting contract is ready to go and deals with the liquidity of $FIGHT for our team and advisors while providing adoption incentives and creating a distribution system for the aforementioned as well as VC investors. This distribution will be done through a smart contract.

Public distribution may be done manually as there will be too many addresses to put into the contracts and what you can put on-chain is limited. 

Now the big one is the $FIGHT token contract: this passed internal testing on November 29 and fulfilled all of our requirements. We are in touch with a specialist company to get all our contracts audited and make sure our logic is watertight before it is released for public use. Hopefully this process will be finished by December 15 and Crypto Fight Club will obtain its certification.

Platform Design

Our frontend for minting, staking and the ‘my fighters’ page is mostly done with a few small fixes to work on before we can hook that to our backend. We’re on track to hit our targets and some small design and bug fixes aside, are ready for users to flock to the website and start playing.

The staking dashboard will launch right after the TGE so that users can do something with their NFT rather than just look at it. We are also working on our first minigame, which is planned for release at the beginning of next year.

You can play minigames with friends in multiplayer mode, and we’re pleased to release details of our first game: it will be a chasing chicken game, inspired by Muay Thai fighters in rural Thailand who chase chickens for cardio exercise.

So 4 chickens appear and then several players will compete to catch them in the same enclosure. A chicken respawns at the rate of once every 30 seconds, up to 6 extra chickens, with a total of 10 to be caught. 

There will be weekly rewards for the players who make it to the top of the scoreboard. We plan to use chicken chase as a pilot for our other minigames which are currently in the works and assess how exactly we can create fun, whimsical yet immersive games for you to play in your downtime on Crypto Fight Club.

Fight’s On!

There are 100 fighter NFTs available and they all have their own stats: attack, defense and technique. If you stake inside of your NFT fighter for a year or more you will boost your stats 20% across the board. 

Each fighter has its own rarity level that you can see on the box, for example the rarest will be 1 of 5 in existence and will have the best stats. Each NFT has a token ID which starts with 1 and goes up to 5,000 and shows how early or late you minted your NFT.

You could be the first person ever to mint a Crypto Fight Club NFT, so even if the fighter has low rarity it may have the token ID 1 because it is the first ever created. We intend for this to lead to a higher intrinsic value, especially when you consider how a longer stake period means more potential statistical increases.

Collectors may also see value in obtaining the first that were ever created regardless of how they do in the ring, while others focus on the rarest and best fighters.

Dev Update #2

Welcome fighters to the first company update in a new series where we deliver the latest news straight to your screens. This space is where all recent developments are explained, so make sure to check in bi-weekly to stay up-to-date on what exactly is being built by our tireless team.

Massive Whitepaper Update

Revised & Revamped

To combat confusion and reflect what exactly Crypto Fight Club is going to be, once it is fully built out and delivered to our loyal fighters, we’ve updated our whitepaper in a big way.

You can find the latest whitepaper under Docs on our website or by following this link.

Whether you’re a newcomer who wants to see what all the fuss is about or a crypto veteran interested in where we’re going, what the tokenomics are and how Crypto Fight Club fits into the wider Metaverse envisioned and elucidated in this paper, you can find the answers here.

Game Development

The Crypto Fight Club game devs have earned their reputation for building quickly as proven by the shipping on our inaugural mini-game Chicken Run at a rapid pace, perhaps not appreciated by all outside observers. 

In terms of recent developments, the metaverse multiplayer integrations are being deployed and tested, almost ready to be implemented and we are excited to add another dimension to gameplay on the platform.

Chicken Run sees its new Egypt level finalized for launch and our team is getting ready to release a new level in a few weeks time. We are adding power-ups for the Egypt level and looking for ways to improve performance in the City levels.

This may lead our readers to wonder about the next mini-game: the team is working on finishing up development of Fight the Bear and combat animations have too been integrated taking us one step closer, and indeed very close, to the full launch of the second mini-game.

Fight the Bear will be a different type of game to Chicken Run. Here’s a rundown on aspects we are building out right now:

  • Adding new, real-time fighting mechanics to the game
  • Adding ‘collider-based’ hit detection
  • Improving the opponent’s (bear) hitbox
  • Implementing a feature where successful blocks stun the bear
  • The randomized possibility to do a ‘special attack’ on a stunned bear
  • Creating new attack animations for special attacks
  • Particle systems for hits on the bear, making complex animations look seamless
  • Adjusting and enhancing arena levels
  • Adding colliders to stop the player from going through the bear

Crypto Development

And that’s not all.

We’ve started building smart contracts for our Club Lending platform which will allow $FIGHT holders to generate passive income by doing nothing more than allowing another user to take control of the allocated crypto.

For those looking to spread their investment in the Crypto Fight Club metaverse across multiple income streams, with yet more options to come in the future, this is the perfect low-risk way to employ your tokens and earn consistent returns.

To learn more about Club Lending, follow this link to our Docs containing the vision and possibilities for the upcoming platform.

Metaverse Development

Your NFT avatar fighters are designed to be metaverse-ready and there is an ongoing process to make the eventual crossover events as seamless as possible.

To this end, running animations have been fixed for each fighter and the sprites and graphics are now compressed to reduce pressures on world file size when Crypto Fight Club makes the move to cross-platform play.

The team will continue to tackle the task of building out a game which rewards, entertains and ultimately allows greater flexibility for players to play how they want with significant play-to-earn features. 

Here’s what else we’ve built already:

  • The metaverse environment has been created so players can walk, run and explore the world created for them
  • On the same grid, it is possible to add more than one player and we are working to implement all the CFC NFT avatars available
  • If one player touches another, they can start an interaction by voice, chat or even video
  • A player’s Metamask login is the single touchpoint for all NFT-driven metaverse experiences. Customizing DApp access to the metaverse
  • Players can sprint, jump, punch, kick and push without any restrictions
  • Mini-game integrations available in select the metaverse environment
  • Background music will travel with a player as they walk around in the metaverse

Be sure to stay tuned to our socials and join our Discord & Telegram groups to discuss with other fighters. Every Thursday, catch an internal AMA to learn more about these updates straight from the source.

Dev Update #3

This is Crypto Fight Club’s second official company update! We’re sure you are all keen to hear whether we’re any closer to releasing our second mini-game and we have a host of other news to share with you. 

Milestones Hit

  • 3,329 NFT fighters have been minted
  • 6,658,000 $FIGHT tokens burned
  • Total $FIGHT Staked: 5,052,842
  • Total LP $FIGHT Staked: 344,612
  • FIGHT Pool Avg. APY: 39.58%
  • LP Pool Avg. APY: 131.34%
  • TVL FIGHT Pool: $75,685
  • TVL LP Pool: $92,774
  • TVL Total: $168,459

Game Development

We are updating the "Choose your Character" user interface for a cleaner look and feel.

Chicken Run Update

The first iteration of a mini-metaverse edges ever closer and will be coming soon. We're going to the dark side...

City trophies (chickens wearing face masks) have been distributed to the top 10 chicken chasers from the time-lapse between the release of the City to Egypt maps.

Meanwhile, all players should keep their eyes peeled for extraterrestrials on Egypt. Have there been confirmed alien sightings in this map?

Mini-Game #2: Fight The Bear

Development is storming ahead in anticipation of the release of Fight The Bear.

Which bear will get you rekt?

In the last two weeks, the development team has been working on the following:

  • Added different, randomized power-ups throughout the combat experiences such as attack buffs, time extenders and speed enhancements
  • Improved different cave environments (worked on staging, lighting, shadows, environmental objects and more)
  • Embedded NFT attribute metadata (attack, defense and technique) for each NFT fighter
  • Added cutscenes in before/after scenes in the approach to the cave and bear
  • Finalizing the game trailer

Be prepared to unleash the true potential of your fighter as you seek to defeat the bear in hand-to-hand combat.

Crypto Development

The smart contract for our new Club Lending platform has just been finalized to top off the user interface which we completed at the end of last week. Pushing the two developments together and testing is the current phase and brings us closer to shipping the finished product which most guilds and fight managers are excited for.

Aside from this, the expected script structure outlining customization of the rental process is as follows (note, lendReceipt = NFT rented/borrowed):

struct lendReceipt {

        address lender;

        address borrower;

        uint tokenId;

        uint duration;

        uint startTime;

        uint endTime;

        uint rate; // borrow side, division in 10000

        bool hasClaimed;


Metaverse Development

An immersive experience is key to the building of a metaverse: in the Crypto Fight Club version, there will be secondary locations for each mini-game to provide a real time and space for players to interact with. These are considered the "mini-metaverses" we've been talking about.

Otherwise, we have developed:

  • PvP functionalities including blocks, punch and kick attacks with reactive animations
  • General PvP calculations developed by integrating the metadata of each fighter (ATK, DEF, TEK) to calculate DPS and critical hit ratios against opposing characters
  • Built hit-point bars for the NFT fighters to test DPS and critical hits
  • Implementing a K.O option with custom animations after finishing off the opponent with a special move
  • Made it possible to change the background music with four separate options
  • Carried out tests for server and connections by voice and video

Marketing and Business Development

We have continued to forge partnerships with fighters and gyms: expect a big UFC fighter announcement soon as we add to our ranks THIS WEEK.

Interoperating our NFTs into different metaverse is another up-and-coming update and announcements will be forthcoming.

Be sure to stay tuned to our socials and join our Discord & Telegram groups to discuss with other fighters. Every Thursday, catch an internal AMA to learn more about these updates straight from the source.

Dev Update #4

We’re here with another company update, excited to bring to you what’s been happening behind the scenes. Our development never ceases to stop and there are a few things to look forward to.

Also, there are now around 500 NFT fighters left to mint - only 10% left!


With one metaverse partnership (Tefarian Party) under our belt and three guilds working in tandem with Crypto Fight Club, we're forging ahead and creating new opportunities for players. We cannot emphasise enough: 4,500 NFTs minted is a solid return in a bear market and shows the faith gamers have shown in us.

9.1 million FIGHT has been burned so far which feeds into the ecosystem and remains a cornerstone of the CFC economy. This mechanism is what allows the platform to truly reward stakers and gamers with a view to create a solid, sustainable return on investment for users.

The club lending release was announced recently and provides a totally new way for people to experience the game. Loan out your NFTs for passive income, or take on someone else's fighter to earn token rewards without any of the capital outlay.


The backbone of Crypto Fight Club will be the metaverse and to this end we have begun designing our urban map for players to walk around and interact with other NFT fighter avatars.

Server migration is in the process of being built out as is the user interface (UI) design. We have finished a metaverse beta test and completed multiplayer and PvP functionality. We are moving ever closer to an expansive and all-inclusive metaverse where you can play, interact and earn.

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks to see how we’re getting on.


PvP mode will be the flagship game mode for Crypto Fight Club and we are consistently working on it in anticipation of a release at a later date. We can’t tell you exactly when, but rest assured our developers are already building the foundations.

Gym and level design are being polished and we are integrating characters to ensure everyone can bring their NFT fighter avatar to the world of player versus player.

Gaming: Chicken Run

The mini-metaverse that is Chicken Run has seen the addition of the Egypt level in recent times. Next gamers can enjoy the Moon and catch chickens in an impossibly atmospheric setting, on the moon.

We've seen x4 new daily players in recent days: this explosion is in part to organic growth and also to do with the guild partnerships we've made. Crypto Fight Club is more popular than ever and we'll continue to develop our model which is one of the highest earning play-to-earn games in the industry for time spent.

Gaming: Fight the Bear Beta

Mini-game #2 is coming soon, we’re just fine tuning the gameplay and environment to ensure we release something you will all want to play. Here's a sneak peek.

Recently we have:

  • Polished level design
  • Developed additional fighting mechanics
  • Began finalizing the UI design
  • Revamped fighting mechanics 
  • Polished the outside-of-the-cave environment


Those of you in the know will have heard we now have one UFC fighter (Mark Striegl) and three world champions as ambassadors. We're delighted to be working with fighters of such pedigree and they will continue to lend their name and prestige to our fighting game which embodies the spirit of the sport.

Two influential gyms, The Ring in Singapore and Elite Fight Club in Thailand, are also on a roster of official Crypto Fight Club partners. These are venues which sees a lot of new and established fighting talent come through their ranks, and are indeed home to worldwide superstars.

We'll continue walking the walk as well as talking a big fighting game. And we can be sure our partners are on the journey with us.

Dev Update #4

You fighters are long overdue an update about what we’re up to. Some development is racing ahead on near future deliveries while we simultaneously build out our longer term vision.

Here’s what’s been happening.


Are you ready to play Fight the Bear? Following its launch, we will be hosting a Chicken Run Tournament where players can compete to win prizes and cement themselves in the history of our first mini-game.

NFT holders will further have access to an early play test for Fight the Bear and get a first look at our next game mode. Before release, there will be an influencer stream of FtB which will continue on launch day. We hope you're as hyped as we are.

Near Delivery


This is not a drill. We are designing the NFT wearables right now and fixing some tokenomics to make $FIGHT more attractive. The official CFC marketplace will be coming soon, where you can trade wearables and fighters freely using $FIGHT. We're only beginning to scratch the surface of what Crypto Fight Club has to offer its player base and are looking forward to giving you an economy worth fighting and earning for.

CFC Living Legend

Our community rewards program, CFC Living Legend, will be coming soon and gives players the chance to access tiered rewards, NFT wearables, whitelist spots, tokens, merchandise plus much more.

We want to reward gamers who apply their skill and invest time into the game. Being able to rank up will give another reason for you to play our awesome game modes. Be sure to catch the Crypto Fight Club internal AMA on Thursday where we will explain what this is all about.

The tiers you can unlock in the Living Legend rewards programme.

Further details will be forthcoming!

Chicken Run

We’re constantly tweaking Chicken Run to deliver the best gaming experience possible. The UI has been improved, we have implemented an Asia-based server to account for the explosive growth of players from the region and there is a brand new loading screen to please your eyes!

To solve sporadic user connectivity issues there’s now a new rule which will improve our bookkeeping: you can only start a new run after we have received your score.

Avoiding any confusion, currently the top NFTs in each game week will enter into a raffle with a chance to win an NFT chicken trophy.

Your feedback is paramount to our development process so keep talking and we’ll keep listening.

Fight the Bear

A fight mechanics overhaul means we have adjusted delays in order to improve gameplay.

Meanwhile, the UI and level design are 95% ready to go in the words of our developers. We’re edging ever closer to the launch of a second mini-game mode. Expect the release to come around the first week of June.

Stay tuned to our social channels for the game trailer which will arrive imminently!

Works in Progress

For the flagship Fight Royale game mode, pitting players against other players, we have started importing the characters and adding core fight mechanics.

Fight Royale will exist inside the Metaverse, which this week saw server migration and preliminary bugs fixed.

The first generation of NFT wearables have almost been totally designed, we are now optimizing and progressing with exports. This will provide a completely new dimension to the game.

What to Look Forward to

Our new website design is being prepared for company consolidation and Metaverse launch. We’re essentially tightening up everything in anticipation of the next phase of Crypto Fight Club.

A new UI and design system has been made to accommodate for: expansion of the app.cfc, more games at play.cfc, a marketplace for NFT fighters and assets such as wearables, and the minting of assets.

We’re also crafting a system for the implementation of secondary token $JUICE and fine tuning the tokenomics to ensure this will only enhance and boost the economy. Details on $JUICE will be announced soon.

And finally, we are building a new tutorial mini-game to create an onboarding experience to the Crypto Fight Club which puts everyone in full control of their own destiny. No one should have to join the CFC Metaverse without full knowledge of how to play and interact.

Dev Update #5

We’re still building. Our vision of a decentralized, fun and inclusive play-and-earn game still instructs every stage of development. So we’re pleased to bring you up to speed on the latest changes and give you insight into how it’s all going.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for our new-look website design which we aim to have completed by Q3 2022. Can we make it any cooler than it already is?

Knowing our team, we sure can.


Final adjustments are being made on the long-awaited Fight the Bear mini-game: we should be ready to announce a launch date within the next two weeks.

We're currently spending a lot of time testing and bug hunting, and are thankful for the community's patience as we commit the final dev updates. In the meantime, check out the official FTB trailer below.

You may soon notice a major UI upgrade on Chicken Run with a new tutorial micro game. We hope to release these updates around the same time as Fight the Bear.

We also have a hot new game in the works with new team members being drafted in to deliver something entirely different. No details can be released yet, but keep your eyes peeled.


$JUICE, the secondary native token, is seeing its tokenomics finalized as we prepare for its launch on the platform. We will update our docs as soon as we are ready to release details.

The UX for the CFC marketplace is being readied for launch to add a dynamic aspect to the in-game economy; concurrent to this is the designing of 3D wearable NFTs to add to your fighter. The marketplace smart contract is developed and ready to go. We’re excited for this next stage, you should be too. 

PvP and Metaverse

Progress is being made on the flagship game mode as we continue to add power ups, improve animations, develop a scoring system as well as a matchmaking controller. 

PvP inside the CFC metaverse will challenge all players to compete and prove they are among the best fighters out there. Our metaverse internal alpha is live and is being tested with basic PvP functionality added in.


We’d like to extend a warm thank you to our community who took part in the UFC raffle giveaway, our biggest prize to date. 

Furthermore, during the Chicken Run tournament we gave away a whopping $500 in prizes. What bear market? If you keep playing, we’ll keep bringing out industry-leading rewards.

Our team is consistently bringing utility to owning an NFT fighter through partnerships and exclusive giveaways. New users are welcomed, and should be clear that we look after our loyal player base.

Living Legend Rewards Program

The Living Legend campaign has been a resounding success. User activity is growing, while some community members are well on their way to winning the top prize of a trip to Thailand.

Expect more fun and engaging events in the coming weeks, to add to what we’ve implemented so far: these have taken the form of game nights and watch parties.

Dev Update #6

A lot has happened since our last company update. Good things, most notably Fight the Bear going live — we massively appreciate the ongoing feedback — but other planning and development is going on at breakneck speeds behind the scenes.

But before we get into the meat of it, the team would like to extend a huge congratulations to our ambassador Emmeric Dewaele who won the WBA Asia Super Middleweight Title last month. Fighters of the world take note: CFC ambassadors do not lose.

The next ambassador to fight is Dzhabar Askerov today on August 5th. Be sure to show your support or check out the result.


We’ve begun work on matchmaking, in anticipation of the flagship game mode. This is pure code behind the game and isn’t something you can see and appreciate. But it’s a giant step towards what we are building.

Forging ahead with refining gameplay elements has led to the following:

  • Increased character slope
  • Changed all banners
  • Changed tutorial
  • Adjusted initial camera
  • Repositioned chairs and power ups, inserted a button
  • Added version of the release on home screen
  • Changed the logo in the ring

On top of this, we fixed character models and are storming on with work on creating the PvP back end. Upgraded Playfab to reduce latency and added a fully functional test server.

Hopefully you can see the pace at which we’re building PvP, because it’s important to understand minor changes and refinements are important as are the large elements to the shipping of a well put together, fully-fledged game.

Mini-Game Payouts

Our initial plans were to implement an alternating day gaming schedule for paid plays. The daily resets are at 12pm UTC as usual. This was to encourage users to split their time playing each game mode and encourage every player to hone their skills in pursuit of the highest possible reward.

But we hear your feedback and know this needs to be clarified. We are currently assessing the best method for payouts in the future and will form a new structure that gives players more options, while still rewarding those who prove their skill in both modes.

We intend to initiate a new format on August 10th following the weekly reset. Stay tuned for more details on this new structure.

In the meantime, the remainder of this week's payout will go as follows:

August 6th - 7th: Fight The Bear

August 7th - 8th: Chicken Run

August 8th - 9th: Fight The Bear

August 9th - 10th: Chicken Run

So make sure to beat those bears and catch numerous chickens on your way to glory!

Fight the Bear

The team at Crypto Fight Club builds in public. What this means is we rely heavily on community feedback to create the best gaming experience and work swiftly to fix bugs as they arise. The test week has officially ended and we are now dividing the paid plays between Chicken Run and FtB.

We are engineering the fairest and most equitable way to split profits from the pool of tokens across both minigames. Stay tuned for details.

We fixed the main game break bug, added speed to the bear for balancing and also added the animation for a rock breaking if it hits a wall. While we blocked off holes to outside the map, we added in a boss for the fifth and final bear.

Work on CFC Warrior continues (more on this at a later date) and most bugs have been fixed. Updated the tutorial red room to something more visually appealing: aesthetics are important so work will continue.


The Into the Ring giveaway series has gone live!

Our meme competition which started last week closes today. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the entries and will be picking a winner in short order.

And to all the Living Legends, keep it up! We’re loving the engagement and hope we can continue rewarding you for the loyalty shown on a day to day basis.

Dev Update #7

We’re now around a month into Fight the Bear and we saw a great turnout in the inaugural tournament! 

Those who proved themselves among the best, with the skills to whoop some bears got BUSD as a reward.

Meanwhile, we’re busy working on ways to seamlessly integrate $JUICE token into CFC and deliver a whole new way to interact with the game economy. But that’s not all: plenty has been going on with the Crypto Fight Club team.

Read on to find out more.

Into the Ring

Into the Ring has continued to be a success as many of you will know. We gave out 6 CFC NFTs to Kadena Mining Club (KMC) community members as well as countless whitelist spots for the next KMC mint.

In the process, we welcomed hordes of new fighters to the Crypto Fight Club community and saw a flurry of activity on secondary markets to buy up NFT fighters.

We’re working on the next Into the Ring event so keep your eyes peeled!

Round Two: New NFTs

A sneak peek at the next gen NFTs.

That’s right, we’re approaching the second wave of NFTs becoming available to mint.

Don’t get ahead of yourself yet, though. We’ve only just designed the framing, but we have built out the 100 concepts and assigned rarity. We've also finished the 3d modeling as well as the rigging and animation rendering. They just need names and bios then the second mint will be imminent.

They’re coming, but wait for the big announcement before telling all your friends.


A major security upgrade has been made to Chicken Run, coming soon to other games in short order.

Anti cheat improvements have also been made to CR. We’ve tested the Android build, again for Chicken Run, and continued with bug/score fixes for FtB. 

Visual updates for Warrior are approaching completion and we’re excited to share this mode with you, although we ask you for patience as we build out this expansive game.


On the 13th of August we got together with the community to host a watch party for UFC fight night, Vera v Cruz. 

We’ve also conducted professional shoots with a few of our fighter ambassadors over at our partner gym, Elite Fight Club. You may have already seen some of this content, but if not head over to our social media and check it out!

Two more Into the Ring campaign partners have been onboarded so we can host yet more events.

Regards, Rodtang

Sadly our ambassador Rodtang had to pull out from his Muay Thai Flyweight Grand Prix fight with One Championship due to issues following his weight cut. 

The team at Crypto Fight Club send our best wishes to Rodtang and hope to see him back in the ring shortly.

We hope all of our community members continue to show him love as well!

Dev Update #8

Welcome fighters to the latest company update!

A while has passed since we last told you what was going on behind the scenes, so as you may imagine, much has changed. 

Thanks for being along for the journey so far, we’ve got an exciting announcement coming so keep your eyes peeled and ears tuned.

Read on to find out what else is new in the world of Crypto Fight Club.

Broad Updates

We’ve bolstered our ranks with two new staff members.

A new business development member of the CFC team will help supply awesome partnerships going forward, in order to continue to bring value and interoperability to the platform, all for our wonderful community.

On the social media side, we’ve recruited a savvy social media operator with a view to launch exciting new campaigns in the near future.

And finally, our roadmap has been updated to reflect new timelines. We continue to build tirelessly in the background and we hope this delivers clarity on our current goals.

Technical Updates

Across all games: we have improved in-game character rendering, optimized all Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters as well as implemented additional characters.

Development of the much anticipated game mode, FIGHT Royale, is making good progress. Here’s what we’ve achieved in recent weeks:

  • Finalized matchmaking, game logic, scoring and fight mechanics
  • Implemented security measures
  • Implemented UI
  • Merged and migrated codebase
  • Currently working on additional level designs
CFC Warrior, coming to a screen near you.

As for CFC Warrior, substantial moves forward have also been made:

  • Finalized game logic and scoring
  • Implemented security measures
  • Implemented UI 
  • Currently working on additional running segments

Gen 2 fighters, you’ll be pleased to hear, are in the final stage of development. As are the dynamic $ASSETS you can enjoy within the game.

Mobile games and the marketplace are under development. For the website and dApp functionality, these are being expanded with improvements underway.

We are also looking at on-chain achievement token (OAT) compatibility for upcoming campaigns to build a system capable of delivering huge rewards to our community for their actions in-game.

Marketing Initiatives

The KMC x CFC cross-chain poker tournament was a resounding success! 17 projects combined to give $3k plus prizes with a turnout of nearly 400 players.

We participated in a large rumble event hosted by Sons of Mars, consisting of servers of 8 different projects in an effort to increase exposure.

Another huge event occurred with the Web3 Gamefiganza: 13 projects offered $4k plus prizes and we saw a turnout of around 300 people during the AMA.

A games partnership with both PlayDex and Rainmaker was finalized and announced, allowing us to put Crypto Fight Club in front of new communities.

Many of you joined in the fun during our Halloween meme competition. We’re delighted at the turnout and the elite tier memes shown by our community. 

Community Updates

All good things must come to an end. The first season of Living Legend has concluded and we saw Premier M, a CFC OG, take away the grand prize of a trip to Thailand.

Thanks everyone for participating and we look eagerly towards the next season with the fantastic community created around the platform.

In other news, our ambassador Anissa Meksen took out Dangkongfah Banchamek and set her sights on the match for the title, against Muay Thai Atomweight champion Stamp Fairtex. Good luck Anissa, we’ll be tuning in!

She’s not the only CFC ambassador in action: Rodtang will defend his Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion title against Joseph Lasiri on November 18th, while Superbon will be fighting to keep his Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion title against Chingiz Allazov on December 2nd.

The Next Step: Happy 1 Year CFC!

There are some real exciting developments in the works by our marketing team. You will not want to miss out on these. For now, our lips are sealed. When the time is right we will deliver the news in the only way we know how: loudly with great bombast and screamed from the rooftops.

“With CFC reaching its 1 year anniversary, the team is working hard towards one of the most requested features by the community. Stay tuned, the 17th of Dec will be big. - Felix Mohr CFO/CTO
“As fight night in Dubai is approaching, Crypto Fight Club will be taking over Singapore around the same time. With what’s remaining of 2022, we’re ending the year with a bang and following up with a boom.” - Ashton Wolfe Project Lead

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