FIGHT4Change: Win Shirts Signed by Championship Fighters

You can help children in need by entering this raffle! A unique and exciting opportunity to own a piece of ONE Championship history.

FIGHT4Change: Win Shirts Signed by Championship Fighters

With just over a year of Crypto Fight Club passed, we’ve decided to leverage our community and network to provide real aid to those in need in our brand new campaign, FIGHT4Change.

We're hosting a raffle for exclusive signed shirts from championship fighters with the entry window open until the end of February 10th.

DEPDC (Daughters Education Program) is a tremendous NGO based in the golden triangle of northern Thailand, near the Myanmar and Laos borders, originally opening as a full-time orphanage and school in 1989.

Trafficking is rife in this region with young girls from impoverished backgrounds often never standing a chance. In many cases, they face a life filled with horrors without organizations such as DEPDC stepping in.

We’re working with this charity to deliver support to these young children in the motherland of Muay Thai, a discipline close to our hearts and with which we share such close ties.

Such efforts are crucial to keeping the lights on: DEPDC solely relies on external funding since budget cutbacks in 2010 left them in the lurch.

Help us to help this massively important charity give children a chance and continue to run schooling programs, skill-based workshops, counseling and even sponsorships to study abroad.

And we’re making it worth your while with a raffle for two ONE Championship T-shirts signed by eight top fighters on the circuit.

Win Signed Shirts From Champion Fighters

Several top fighters were kind enough to sign two official ONE Championship T-shirts, and we are giving you the chance in a raffle to win one.

Two lucky winners will each receive a T-shirt signed by the following fighters:

They are some of the best fighters on the circuit, so we’re delighted to bring you an exclusive chance to take home a T-shirt recording a moment in history, where these champions entertained a sell-out crowd in Bangkok.

How to Enter

You can purchase raffle tickets with either FIAT or crypto, we’re not fussy. Entries can be made up until the end of Friday, February 3rd.

Maximize your chance of winning by buying more tickets, with a pricing structure as such:

1 ticket for $8 dollars

2 tickets for $15 dollars

5 tickets for $30 dollars

If you are interested in participating, please fill out your information on the Google form below. We just need your name and email to start with.

Click Here to Sign Up Via Google Form

After this, we’ll send you the relevant addresses for PayPal and/or crypto wallets in an email. Just follow the instructions in this email and respond with your verification of purchase.

As always, good luck and remember: this is for an unimaginably good cause. Win or lose, you’ll be supporting a worthy cause we’ve hand selected to make a real difference in the lives of children who need it most.