How do I get LP FIGHT?

Wondering how you can obtain and then stake LP FIGHT? Wonder no more: here's what you need to know.

How do I get LP $FIGHT?

If you are among the first wave of NFT fighter owners on Crypto Fight Club, you may have noticed an option to stake LP FIGHT. You’ve minted your first NFT and now are faced with the decision: do you stake $FIGHT or LP FIGHT and what rewards will this bring you?

LP FIGHT is shorthand for Liquidity Provider $FIGHT tokens. Staking LP FIGHT brings you into a staking pool which is 80% of yearly inflation with 8 million $FIGHT to be distributed across all those participating in this pool. 

Staking the native token $FIGHT moreover brings you into a pool with 20% of the newly minted $FIGHT from inflation to the tune of 2 million tokens.


How to obtain LP FIGHT

Head to PancakeSwap and go to the Liquidity tab placed at the top of the window. You want to find the $FIGHT-BUSD pair and add equal amounts for both of them; if you want to add liquidity of 100 BUSD and $FIGHT is priced at $0.10, you will need to put in 1,000 $FIGHT as well as your 100 BUSD.

Click to confirm supply, check the window showing how many LP tokens you will receive and wait for the transaction to complete. Once this is done, you will gain tokens listed as Cake LP directly into your Metamask wallet that can be used straight away on the Crypto Fight Club.

Staking LP FIGHT

Remember, you must own an NFT fighter to be able to stake.

Once you have your token transaction approved in Metamask, you can go to the staking page on Crypto Fight Club and immediately stake LP FIGHT. Decide how much you want to stake and how long for, then click the stake button and approve the transaction.

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Also, for a more comprehensive overview of NFTs and staking watch our introductory video here where CTO Felix goes through it all step by step.

The $FIGHT is on!

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