Living Legend Season 2: Be an Ambassador

Living Legend is back, and it's mightier than ever. Seek your fortune through giveaways, competitions and exciting events brought to you by our fantastic community managers.

Living Legend Season 2: Ambassador Program

Good news for everyone who loved Living Legend Season 1…

We’re bringing it back: bigger, better and bolder than before. And it just so happens to coincide with the release of Gen 2 NFT fighters.

Get ready for a huge series of engaging events, either natively through CFC or backed and hosted by our legendary partner projects. The classic rewards are still in play, so stablecoins, NFTs and $FIGHT.

You will earn these from individual events as well as from your cumulative score throughout the entire season.

As we forge ahead with a new line of electrifying product releases, CFC warmly welcomes all community members back to our most successful rewards and events program. Fly the flag for CFC and be an ambassador by joining the Discord channel and participating in any event during the season. 

This will be a multi-layered campaign similar to Living Legend Season 1, where participants can earn points as well as direct rewards from fun and unique events. 

The first chance to get points on the board is tomorrow (Saturday, 26th May) on the CFC Twitter: all you need to do is guess the fighting discipline of each fighter we post. Guessing correctly in reply to the Tweet will get you the maximum number of points on offer this event... and also enters you into a draw for an irresistible cash prize.

You can collect points even if you don't win! Just post a screenshot of your engagement in the Discord channel we've set up for this purpose.

Two Layers

Individual Event Rewards

Participants that spread the good word of CFC in a variety of ways will be rewarded handsomely. We’ll let you know what you need to do in due course.

Each event is largely going to be themed around the new generation of NFTs. These will confer points and/or stablecoins, NFTs, $FIGHT for those who participate and win.

Cumulative Rewards

While you’re earning rewards from individual events, there will also be a concurrent tiered reward system in which you can become eligible to win some epic rewards.

Can you sneak into the top tier and cement your status as a Living Legend? Or do you even have what it takes to make it to the very top and reach the Big Ten?

The Events

We will run the following events throughout the launch and finalized sale of our Gen 2 NFT collection.

Content creation and events are mostly centered around the new wave of fighters in Gen 2, but also on the imminent release of our long-awaited Fight Royale game mode!

Referral Contest

If you let your friends know what we’re building here, and bring them into the community with a Gen 2 mint, you will be fabulously rewarded with bonus points and precious stablecoins!

Our goal is to reward community members who believe in us, while encouraging new players to get hyped for the wave of new products and features about to land on CFC.

Content Creation

Love to create? Make content that spreads the word of CFC and we’ll give you a leg up with Living Legend points and send over stablecoins.

Here’s a few ideas of what we’re planning to open up to the community with regards to content:

  • Fighter Fanfic Writing
  • Meme the Team
  • Fighter Backstory
  • Level Design
  • Partner Art
  • Video Creation
  • AI Art

Details are yet to be concluded, so prepare your crayons and await further news!

Scavenger Hunt

Fancy yourself a bit of a Sherlock Holmes type, with an eye for clue-finding?

Well you’re in luck: find your closest Watson and show us those mad skills. Hunt through CFC writings and images to find hidden easter eggs; the first to find each one will be given substantial rewards for their hard detective work.

Partner Events

We’ve planned numerous partner events as we continue to fly towards our exciting new product releases.

Get involved with the cross-promotional action and earn points towards not only your cumulative total, but also individual event rewards!

Content Engagement

This is really, really easy. Gain extra points and rewards just by engaging with CFC content on social media. Comment, like, retweet and share everything and you may be in the running to win some serious crypto cash.

Remember: screenshot your liked and retweeted CFC posts and send it to us in the correct CFC Discord channel.

Beyond this, you can rack up points and potential rewards by participating in either a CFC Twitter Spaces or those of our partners’. Ask questions and be engaged! Let’s get the discussion going.

Invitation Contests

Our Discord invite competitions are designed to reward those bringing the best community members, those no stranger to lively discussion and regular engagement, into our ranks on the CFC Discord Channel. Invite the friends who are fun at parties.

The Rewards: Pending Details

Stablecoins are on offer as always. Plenty of $FIGHT is up for grabs too, which in a new-look CFC ecosystem might come in handy more than you’d expect.

Or original CFC swag! Represent us at your local boxing ring. We’re also rewarding access to CFC’s exclusive groups with an abundance of unique benefits to a lucky few.

CFC partner rewards depend on the deals we strike with our fantastic collaborators. They really help us in delivering these larger initiatives and events, so make sure to show them some love throughout Living Legend Season 2.

Wearable airdrops are most definitely coming into play. You will finally be able to kit out your NFT fighters with NFT wearables, don’t miss out on the first wave!

Finally, NFT trophies and Gen 1 NFTs are set to land in your wallets.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your fighters prepared for the long slog ahead. Season 2 promises to be a banger.