Next-Gen CFC: NFT Wearables, $JUICE + More

Massive changes coming to CFC. We think you'll like it. A lot. Read this blog right now if you want to find out how to make the most of the new era.

Next-Gen CFC: NFT Wearables, $JUICE + More

CFC is now introducing NFT wearable items, big changes to the $FIGHT token, and a brand new currency called $JUICE - ready to boost your gaming experience and enhance time spent chasing chickens, fighting bears and sprinting to the end of the earth in CFC Warrior.

Quick PSA for those not in the know: we are removing $FIGHT payouts for all game modes and compensating players with $JUICE, NFT-based quests and in-game assets that can be turned into NFTs.

Join us as we prepare for the next phase of CFC, which will give you a huge number of ways to make the most of your newly pressed $JUICE and deliver tremendous value for money on your NFTs.

Read on to check out what is confirmed, and discover teasers of what to expect. 


  • $JUICE now exists, $FIGHT payouts phased out
  • Earn $JUICE by playing games
  • Keys to mystery boxes purchasable with $JUICE give you wearable NFTs 
  • Trade NFTs on the open marketplace native to CFC
  • Or destroy (and combine) less valuable wearables to create more powerful wearables
  • $JUICE can be used to gain, combine and repair wearables
  • Mobile gaming available to all with Chicken Run and later CFC Warrior
  • $FIGHT payouts reduced with immediate effect
  • Web2 and Web3 can obtain $JUICE and wearables
  • Web2 players need to create a MetaMask wallet and connect to redeem tokens/NFTs
  • Web3 NFT owners get access to special rewards and bonus events
  • $JUICE can also grant extra runs to maximize earning potential

Very important note: Features coming very soon are mystery boxes and wearables, as well as mobile gaming and the CFC marketplace. Everything else is in the pipeline for the near future.

Freshly Made $JUICE

Everyone’s been eagerly awaiting confirmation of the secondary token, $JUICE. Wait no longer. 

CFC is opening its doors to Web2 players, as well as our loyal Web3 gamers, to earn $JUICE by playing any of our game modes.

On the Web2 end of things, players can now register accounts for free. With this account, they receive an in-game character to get right into the action straight away and play any of our game modes. Mobile users will be able to play and later link their Web2 account with a Web3 profile.

You will even earn $JUICE through this avenue! The benevolent leaders of CFC want you to get your tokens even without having to link a Metamask wallet. Players can later connect their login information to a Metamask account via the CFC dApp and harness Web3. This opens up a bridge for Web2 users to obtain free NFTs and join tournaments for the time spent playing.

Web3 users, never fear: there are plenty of reasons for you to keep on fighting the good fight with your favorite NFTs. You will not have to register with an email address to obtain a free mint NFT, and you can readily put your seasoned fighter to action forever. 

FIGHTER NFT holders are also guaranteed whitelist spots to exclusive wearable drops, new fighters, play-testing new games, tournament plays, and so much more. This includes exclusive Discord community events such as the ongoing stablecoin rewards pool, as well as CFC Living Legend and CFC Carnival which themselves offer monthly rewards.

Did we mention we’re bringing in wearables to the Crypto Fight Club universe? Yeah, you will soon be able to open mystery chests for your own NFT wearables.

Drinking the $JUICE

For the noobs and the grinders, you can spend JUICE to gain extra time or lives and maximize the chance of ranking on the leaderboard for more FIGHT or JUICE rewards. Extra runs will become more expensive the more you buy within a 24 hour period, while an extra run card simply allows a limited number of bonus runs before it expires.

Pay for emotes in the interest of aesthetics or spin to win, both with $JUICE. Players can also unlock new fighters within the ecosystem. The possibilities are limitless.

$JUICE can be earned through conquering set accomplishments, completing quests and tier-based challenges and more. Keep an eye out for these as we move forward implementing the new era. 

What Can Web3 Players Do With $JUICE?

All the above, and a little bit more. Some functions and mechanisms will cost $FIGHT to use, others will require $JUICE. But there will be extra special features for you battle-hardened, NFT-owning Web3 players. We couldn’t forget about you after all. Unlocking chests, upgrading fighters, and more will all become reality on next-gen CFC.

$JUICE can further be used to unlock new characters for play only and not to be minted as NFTs.

Don’t Slip on the Drip

Your holding of a Crypto Fight Club fighter NFT through what may be the longest bear market in the history of cryptocurrencies must be rewarded.

We don’t like an angry mob here at CFC. Consequently, our loyal players will gain the opportunity to upgrade their fighters with NFT wearables.

All you need to do is buy a mystery chest key using $FIGHT (which will then be burned). This has always been a part of our philosophy: fairness is found in random allocation, not by rewarding would-be whales throwing money in and cornering the market.

That’s not the only option, however. Players can obtain keys to open mystery boxes by completing a series of accomplishments, quests, and tasks.

Web2 players can redeem wearable NFTs by logging into their Web2 email account and connecting a MetaMask wallet with the dApp. There will be an option to then mint the wearables into NFTs and trade on the open market on our very own CFC marketplace.

What’s more, you can combine two wearables, again by spending $FIGHT. This will add up the stats and give you a more powerful item to better equip your fighter for the next onslaught. If you combine two wearable items with +1 attack each, you will end up with a +2 attack wearable with the combined NFTs being destroyed.

Repairing damaged wearables to restore durability costs $JUICE, or you can even purchase a trial wearable for a 7-day period.