CFC's NFTs 2.0 & Staking are LIVE

Crypto Fight Club's staking and NFT 2.0 launch are LIVE.


The time has officially come...

Crypto Fight Club NFT 2.0 fighters are LIVE.

With the current market conditions, some are in a panic state. Not Crypto Fight Club. Regardless of market conditions, there was one goal in mind: launch according to original timelines and don’t look back.

This long-awaited NFT drop has seen great response and excitement from our community, making this one of the most highly anticipated moments for Crypto Fight Club. Should the effects of staking fulfil their potential and pan out as planned, the community is in for something game changing.

You can freely mint your NFT fighter ONLY at this address: https://app.cryptofightclub.io/mint

Below you will find a step-by-step tutorial on how to acquire the BEP-721 NFT fighter for staking and playing the game.

What's in the box!?
- Step #1: HAVE 2000 $FIGHT
- Step #2: Go to the official minting page and connect your MetaMask wallet. You will be prompted to BURN 2000 $FIGHT and MINT the NFT.
Are you ready to unleash your fighter?
- Step #3: Click “MINT” to execute the code that opens up NFT mystery box
You're almost there
- Step #4: Redirect to your “My Fighters” page where you can check out your new NFT fighter.
Welcome to Crypto Fight Club
- Step #5: Start staking $FIGHT or LP $FIGHT to evolve and WIN!
With your newly minted NFT fighter, you will open many doors on your way to earning substantial amounts of $FIGHT. Today, you are able to stake $FIGHT natively or with the LP version, with LP $FIGHT giving you a higher stake in the staking pool. 20% of the total yearly inflation goes to those who stake with $FIGHT, those who stake with LP $FIGHT participate in a pool with 80% of the 10 million annually allocated coins for inflation.

Again, the official Crypto Fight Club NFT and staking launch will take place on is LIVE. There will be a limited run of 5,000 unique, limited edition NFT fighters up for grabs by burning 2000 $FIGHT. Specific NFTs cannot be chosen, yet they choose you.

Gotta catch them all!

Lastly, at the beginning of January, an NFT holder will be able to PLAY the upcoming mini-game: Chicken Run, with their NFT fighter. More details are to come.

As soon as one gets their hands on an NFT, they are able to stake $FIGHT right away.

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Are you ready to $FIGHT?