Prepare for the Biggest Ever CFC Tournament

Prepare for the biggest tournament in CFC history. We have never given away this amount of money before in one go. Are you good enough to take home first prize?

Prepare for the Biggest Ever CFC Tournament

This tournament is an absolute banger, with a whopping $1500 prize pool and NFTs up for grabs among other prizes. Sign up is now closed, for tournament details and information please follow this link.

You do not need a CFC NFT to participate. If you are playing without your own NFT, please ignore the MetaMask popup as this is not a requirement for participating.

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Players new and old will battle it out on CFC Warrior over five rounds with the highest scoring runs not just keeping them in the competition, but winning them prizes along the way.

A huge shoutout to BlockchainSpace, Valluna, Kapital DAO, Play It Forward, Playdex and BreederDAO for making this staggering $1500 (plus NFTs!) prize pool possible.

This prize-laden tournament really wouldn’t have become a reality without our partners’ stellar support.

Please check their exciting projects out and show them some love. Further details below:


BlockchainSpace (BSPC) enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse. We build tools to empower gaming communities and manage scholarship programs. We identify economic opportunities in games and connect guilds with gamers, game titles, and investors.

We are empowering the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential, scalable infrastructure, digital tools, financing solutions, and networking opportunities.


Valluna is an esports guild that leverages on our wide array of influence, network and experience to elevate and optimize the returns of gamers and investors in the GameFi space. As gamers and esports experts ourselves, we believe that GameFi and Play-and-Earn is the key to open and equal opportunities for all gamers. Valluna believes in granting accessibility through our guild, content & tournaments to further actualize and enable the community & stakeholders to navigate this space to realize earnings for everyone.

The Kapital DAO

The Kapital DAO is the leading provider of web3 gaming asset management tech, with top brands like Yield Guild Games (YGG) and others already using the platform to scale. The platform features key innovations around "hierarchical delegation" that enable multiple layers of institutional control in which admins own assets and delegate to managers, who then subdelegate to players – this framework is unique to Kapital DAO's protocol, and does not readily exist elsewhere in the space. No technical lift is required from games to list inside the protocol, as it works at the wallet level as a unique "post-production" solution.

Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO’s mission is not only to provide scholarships, but to help interested crypto gamers reach their full potential and become gaming professionals. We aim to achieve this by nurturing player communities and offering players valuable opportunities to build on their Play-to-Earn experience to establish a long and fruitful gaming career.

We believe that the future of P2E gaming is a Multi-Game and Multi-Guild ecosystem - all united by a common vision to Make Play More Rewarding. We look forward to becoming the de facto gateway for guilds to build and scale their communities while fostering blossoming GameFi talents. By fostering large-scale onboarding of player communities, we can more readily grow the pie rather than fight for the bigger slice.


Playdex is a social gaming platform where we make it easy for players to have fun and play NFT games for free together with their friends.

Make an account on Playdex today to get access to 500+ games! To sign up, simply connect your crypto wallet to our website. Soon, you can participate and win rewards from our tournament leaderboards.

You can also join our online community, where you can share your thoughts on the games you’re currently playing with 20,000+ Playdex gamers!


BreederDAO is the go-to asset production factory for gaming assets of the Metaverse. We are a specialist manufacturer of quality digital assets used in blockchain-based games and virtual worlds. Our mission is to be the primary source of quality assets and become the go-to asset factory in the Play-and-Earn ecosystem – a pillar of the Play-and-Earn economy and equip the next billion players.