Gen 2 is Live: Mint Now!

Ready to usher in a new era? Mint your Gen 2 fighter NFT now and enjoy the groundbreaking next phase of CFC.

Gen 2 is Live: Mint Now!

The time has arrived. Generation 2 NFTs on CFC are now available for mint starting with Batch 1 and to be released in subsequent batches at dates TBA.

Numerous exciting changes have been made compared to Gen 1: we want this to feel like the next phase in CFC history and to reward those who continue to support the project with a metric ton of new features, mechanics and incentive programs.

This article contains a taster of what to look forward to, but for a more in-depth look you can read the extended announcement here.

How to Mint

Step 1: Go to: cryptofightclub.io/login

Step 2: Connect your metamask wallet

Step 3: Select wallet

Step 4: Go to the mint page at the top

Step 5: Click approve and set your spending limit to 10,000+

Step 6: Mint your fighter and reroll if you'd like to try again for a better NFT

Brief explainer on the reroll system:

We offer a 50% discount on minting price if you choose to reroll, until you get the rare NFT you deserve. Unlimited rolls, 50% off after the first roll. You can reroll on any rarity NFT, no exceptions. You can in fact reroll as many times as you want and actually select which NFT you keep! Upon finalizing the mint, your wallet instantly receives the chosen fighter. 

To mint multiple NFTs, you must confirm your NFT mint and start the process anew.

Batched Releases

Gen 2 is marked by dynamic batches with varying quantities for each. 10 new fighting disciplines, 100 unique NFTs with a huge range of styles determined by their discipline. 

Variety is indeed the spice of life.

So, starting today (June 23rd), the first batch will see 500 NFTs immediately available for mint with more opportunities further down the line to grab an NFT fighter. These latter dates will be random so stay tuned as each drop is limited!

Each initial mint requires 10,000 $FIGHT ($6 at the time of publishing): once you’ve spent this amount to receive an NFT at random, the tokens are burned. This system works to decrease overall supply and serves our deflationary token model to ultimately create a sustainable, inclusive and thriving ecosystem.

Big Benefits

On the roundtable of ideas we decided on a clear principle: Gen 2 should deliver tremendous value to NFT holders. Again, read the in-depth announcement for the full range of details.

Turning this into reality involves an extensive series of programs, exclusive access and tantalizing features which you can expect to be a constant throughout the mint and beyond. Much more to come, too.

In short, Gen 2 NFT holders gain:

  • Premium access to CFC
  • Exclusive tournament access
  • Discord community events
  • Fighter stat advantage over f2p mobile players

Bonus Minting Incentives

We can announce early buyers will enjoy higher rarity odds on their mint. Participate in early batches to ensure the best chance of minting a world champion.

If you only happen to mint a common NFT, a mere mortal of a fighter, then there is no need to be upset. We’re implementing an innovative 2nd Wind reroll system which allows you to pay 50% of the full mint price to reroll and see if you get anything better. Unlimited rolls, on any rarity NFT. And you get to select from the full range of rolls for the one NFT you choose to keep. 

To mint multiple NFTs, you must confirm your NFT mint and start the process anew.

Beyond this, an NFT bounty program rewards owners of randomly selected fighters to mark each batch release. The first four to claim and verify ownership will be handsomely rewarded: first prize is $100, second is $50, third is $30 and fourth is $20. Make sure you keep up with announcements on our socials in case you are the lucky holder of the NFT we choose!

NFT Bounty Program

Make no mistake: the stakes (and rewards) are far higher participating in the Gen 2 launch when compared with the inaugural mint. 

To this end, in each batch release there will be a bounty on one of our unique NFTs. 

The first four to claim and verify ownership of the specified NFT fighter will be handsomely rewarded with stablecoins. First prize is $100 and slides down to $50, $30 and $20 for each subsequent position. 

We’ll announce the NFT with a bounty on it ahead of, or the day of the initial launch. Make sure you know which fighter to look out for before you mint!